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Good evening, dear readers.
We all know that Christmas is coming really fast and I guess we all want to look fascinating. But what to wear? So today let me introduce you to OK DRESS. An online store that sells dresses for any occasion. Let it be wedding, prom, birthday party, New Years eve and so on... In there you can find a big selection of dresses for a good price. Some of them have free shipping that is really a good thing!

What I really like about this store is that you can find anything you are looking for in it. Simple, short or long eye-catching  Princess type dresses are in one place in many different colors!
There are a lot of formal dresses that I'm already in love with! Let me share with you some that I really like:

1.This one I've found in page of the newest Homecoming dresses. There are a lot of colors of this one and I really like it! Short and pretty, well maybe this won't fit for a winter season but for the warmer days for sure!

2.Now let's look into the Christmas dresses. I think the dominating colors would be red, black and white. And my dress probably would be long. I can get pretty affectionate when it comes to long dresses.
This one is also on sale. And now you can order it just for £71.13 and ten pounds more for the shipping price. 

3.I really wanted to show you one more maxi dress, however you must to see a mini one that I found in page called 'Mini short formal dresses'. This piece is totally gorgeous!
This one is also on sale and now you can buy it only for £92.91 and of course don't forget ten pound for the shipping price! 

4. This dress took my breath out at the moment when I saw it! Again it's a maxi dress and I can't help it but I love it! I would choose black one if I were at the party or celebration or just simply on cold season, and there're plenty of colors that would fit for summer, cruise party and so on... 
This one is on sale and now it costs only £83.96 and £9.99 more for the shipping price. If you want to see more details click on the number above.

Actually you can find so many beautiful dresses in www.okdress.co.uk and I don't have enough of time and space to talk about all of them but you can visit their page and order online anytime you want. I'm sure that you'll find what you need cause there are many types of dresses and so many colors of them. In this post you can see just four of them that is in my wishlist. Actually I got so many that I didn't show you. So if you're interested be sure to visit their page and find what you want! 
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