Leopard jacket and coat

This weekend I was in KlaipÄ—da - city near the Baltic sea in Lithuania. These two days here were awesome!! 
You see, I was with my friends from the dance crew (my second family as we say). First day we went to our hotel, left our things there and moved to the hall, where the contest was held. 
We came back late in the evening and spent our last day's hours there.
On Sunday we woke up early in the morning, ate some breakfast and went to the beach near the sea. We took some photos here and moved to the shop center, where we ate at the restaurant.
Then we took our things from the bus and went to the hall. Again.
We danced in the contest another dance and won second place. 
Well it wasn't so good as we wanted it to be. But to think more about it, 2nd place is good too:)
However gold is still better than silver.

leopard coat


Good evening, readers! It's almost end of the week so I'm quite in a good mood. 
Today I was in the cinema. I watched a movie and I think you know what movie it was. Because today was Movie's Breaking Dawn Part 2 pre-premiere. So I thought that I must to see it, because I'm quite a lover of this twilight saga, you know.
Movie was good. After that I and my sister went to eat something delicious. It was Mexican soup. I tasted it for the first time and I totally loved it! 
This is how my day went. Well at least half of it, because the other part, I mean the first one, I spent in the school. So it wasn't something interesting. But tomorrow is Friday and I'm happy about it and also because I finally got to show you my new fur coat with leopard pattern, which I ordered online.

Wedding dresses

Good evening, dears. So as I said, today's post will be about wedding dresses, we had to show to others. Well, as you see I only got backstage photos. Some of them with my friend Marta. Only one photo was founded in the internet. In the near future I will make a post only for photos on runway, from all the collections. And of course, I didn't tell you, that designers asked us to take part in the photo shoot. So in the end of the show, Me, my sister and Simona were going to hotel, were it all was held. So today I add some photos when we were preparing for the photo shoot. When I get photos from the designer I will post it on my blog for sure. And about my outfit. Well, photographer took some photos of it. And as long as I will get it, I will show it for you!:) Good night, dears! 

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