Summer season opened!

Today was such a hot day. It's a little bit strange, because days before was cold. Just like in autumn not in spring, but today weather was like in summer. It was really good that I can finally wear shorts on my naked legs. I really missed summer and weather just like today.

Before another photo shoot

Didn't I tell you? Today I was in the photo shoot for model agency. They just took some my profile pictures. That's all, but even so I really waited for this photo shoot. However that doesn't matter now. This post is about  -what happened before the photo shoot-.

Well, before that I was at hairdresser. I changed my hair (It's a little bit shorter now).

And then that long waited moment begun!

Lacy MANGO cardigan + Brown H&M shorts

I'm very curious what do you think about my today's look. I chose lacy Mango cardigan, brown H&M shorts, grey Vices heels and white Tally Weijl clutch. I think that black socks looks perfect together with black top.
I think everything is perfectly compatible with each other. What do you think?

Beige dress

Today all time  I spent in the city with my friends. Day was really awesome. We visited the castle of Kaunas and took some photos there. Later we went to the cafeteria called 'Vero Cafe' The best Cafeteria in the whole  country. We ordered some  coctails with chocolate. It was good. Later we walked around the city, because we didn't have anything to do.
This is how I spent my day. That's enough for today. See you later, guys!

Spring colors

The spring is finally here. I'm happy because at time like this I am much more active in my blog. I mean from now on you can see my photos almost every day.
 Because it's finally spring!
Some days ago I was going around the city, because weather was really good. And you can see my new outfit here! 

Fifteen years old


My long waited birthday finally came. I'm so happy that I'm already fifteen years old. 
I do not have many photos to show you. But I think it's quite enough for this time. 
Birthday was in my house. Photos were taken in the yard.
All birthday was in the bar. My grandmother used to sing there long time ago, so this place was full of music instruments. And we sang all day. It was more like karaoke party or something, but it was fun.

Simone's 15th birthday

Now I want to share with you some news. Some time ago was my friend Simone's birthday. It was in the Japanese restaurant (my favorite). 
She is already fifteen years old! And I'm so happy that I can share it with you, guys. Share the photos which were taken in the birthday. 
As you know I'm now 15th years old too. My birthday was three days ago. And I'm so  happy about it!!! My birthday event will be held tomorrow. Can't wait! 

Finally April!


The beginning of April I started with another concert with my dance crew.  Yes, the concert was really good. And all thanks to a good weather! Later me and my friend Au┼íra went to the city and spent some time there.
 P.S. You know, my birthday is coming really fast! Only seven days left!

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