In the meadow, near the cows

Well you see, this weekend I spent in the village again. This time with friend Kristina. Time was awesome. We took shoot in the meadow, near the cows. Photos I think are amazing. Do you want to see them? Do you want to see my outfit?

Hot day near the river

Today was AMAZING DAY. I and my friend Kamile spent time near the Lithuanian river. Time was amazing, and day too. Day was sunny and hot. Thats way we take place like this (place near the river), because today was very hot and I thought that we melt haha. But everything was okay.  So today I wore my new rubber shoes, you know? Do you want to see today's my outfit?

Rubber shoes arrived today!

Well today in my house arrived rubber shoes. They were very welcome and now they are mine, finally. So today you can see them. 
The first outfit with them you will see later.

Rainy and sunny at the same time


Today so sunny and rainy day at the same time. I don't know what to think. Today I was in the city center and with my friend Rūta we visited a small restaurant "Sandwich Bar",  ate tasty sandwiches and talked about this unpredictable life ha ha. I think that, for know on I'm an official life lover.

One more party!

Hello, dears. Yesterday was one more party. Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday. Party was awesome, because in the party sounded very much music. And was a lot of dances and songs, because my grandmother to the birthday invited her musical group's members (she's a singer).  
So party continued until early morning and I'm now feeling like a zombie again haha.

Good time at Oriflame party

Hello, Wednesday! Yesterday was very difficult day (and night). You see,  my sister works in Swedish cosmetics line ORIFLAME. And day was full of work, because I was invited to Oriflame party yesterday. And I really have fun, and I spent good time with my sis, and one friend, who also works there. You know, after a busy day I, my sister and my friend came back into my house. And have a good evening together. We didn't sleep all night. So I'm now feeling like a zombie.

TALLY WEiJL shoes in my wardrobe for now on!

Yesterday I bought new shoes from TALLY WEiJL. 
I love them and latter you will see my first outfit with them.

Yesterday with laces

Yesterday was very good day. I and my friend Martyna spent good time together. 
So I was wearing my new stuff. Not all, but one of them. It was a sweater. Lacy sweater from MANGO. 
 Perhps you know how much I love laces. 
I love all clothes related with them. Dresses, socks, skirts, shirts and more.

Million flowers on my dress

Hello again, dears! Like I said. Today you will see my second outfit with whom I was near the lake.  I was wearing floral dress which is my sister's. And floral bots. I was walking near the lake. I love that place. Love that nature. I love it.

Sunny days near the lake

Sorry for no write a long time. All days I spent near the lake. So first my outfit you can see here. Second outfit I show you later.
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