Merry Christmas!

Though it's already late, but I want to show you photos from my Christmas day. I didn't have time that day so I just show it to you now. 
These photos were taken with my new camera, which I got under my Christmas tree.
P.s. Just a few more days and you'll see these photos on my new blog!
Can't wait!

Christmas shopping

Today I and my friend Aušra had shopping. It was so good finally to go out because my holiday began in my house. So it was quite boring last days. However, today I and Aušra were shopping for Christmas. Actually I just helped my friend, because I had everything I want and she wanted to choose something for her sisters. Of course first of all, we visited Japanese restaurant. And I ordered my favorite sushi and Japanese roasted rice tea. I love food there. 
Finally I'm back in my house. I'm feeling tired so the rest of the evening I will spend in my bed and watch a movie.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Long black skirt and red lips

Yesterday I was in Vilnius. There was one show. I have already told you about it last year. In this post you can see the same show, which was held last year. And Yesterday I was there again and danced two dances. 
Let's just see the photos

Shopping in December

Yesterday I was with my sister and my friend Kamile. We were shopping together. I thought that I should fill my wardrobe, because it's December and the mood is perfect for that! 
Well I bought some new stuff. However, it's not enough. I'll go again soon.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, how much I'm waiting for Christmas! 
I mean mood, songs, Christmas tree, exchanging gifts and more. Such a wonderful time of the year. 

Photoshoot: wedding dresses

     Well, finally I got to show you my photos from photo shoot with wedding dresses, that I got from             photographer yesterday. I don't know if it's all, because some of them didn't reach me so I guess       
  I'll have to wait a little more. However, take a look at the photos and be ready for tomorrow's post!

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