Violet flowers on my dress

Remember me talking about the roof garden opening - #FreshVilnius?(See here) That time I showed you almost every part of the evening, but you guys didn't get a chance to know more details about  my outfit. So this time, enjoy some of the photos in the streets of Vilnius.

Vilnius, Lithuania

#FRESH - roof garden Opening

Good morning, fellas! Yesterday I mentioned you that I had a chance to attend one private evening with my sister. The truth is that my sister was invited to this opening of the #FRESS a.k.a the roof garden opening in Vilnius. She took me as her companion, which was not an easy task at first as the evening is being attended only by sixty people. However, everything is possible to us, twin blogger sisters.

#FreshVilnius was discovered by Samsung. You could say it was a gift from them to the city of Vilnius.
It was my first time attending a private evening party like this. I was so excited and scared at first, didn't know what to expect. But now I'm so happy that I had a chance to taste all kind of healthy refreshments, desserts made by the famous bakery chef Ali. The party was also attended by famous Lithuanian people, actors and stuff, so it was really interesting to chit chat with them once in a while. During the evening we had a chance to taste these tasty healthy fresh juice made of veggies and fruits, snacks made by O. Dzindzeleta and as I mentioned before, delicious desserts made by chef Ali. I took so many photos for you guys!! Click a button below and take a look.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Bang! Bang!

Just 4 days left until the 1st of September and I even can't relax these last days that are left for me. These two weeks I've been working like crazy. The projects just came loudly banging to me. 
Tonight I'm attending one private evening party with my sister. It should be really nice. 
I'm going to talk about it more in the future.

8 to Go styling project | Backstage

Yesterday I was all day busy working in one project. I was talking about it for so long. 
It is a styling project organized by 8 to go clothing store, that concentrates on formal clothes, this time on school uniforms only. This project gives a chance to bloggers to show themselves as a stylists. We had to dress up our models 3  times and show how with the help of an accessories you can create 3 totally different looks while wearing only one uniform. It was quite an experience. 
I'm really thankful for all the team for a great time. Thankful for inviting me and my sister not only as stylists but also as models.

 I don't have any rights to reveal everything right now, not until the photos are published. However, while we're on the wait I prepared for you some spoilers in black&white so that you can get an idea of what this project is all about. Enjoy!

The New 60's backstage

Hello everyone, Today I finally got to talk about our new project together with Etiquette magazine. The September issue will be published so soon so staff is really busy preparing it by now. I was really happy to know that I was also included into the publishing of the new issue. This project is called The new 60's. And I had a chance to participate in it as a model with my sister both as a model and stylist. 
With a little help of mine we managed to dress up 4 models, us included, almost 3 times. It seems as joke, but believe me it is such a headache. However our result you will going to see at the next issue  and for now enjoy some backstage shots and videos!

Striped girl in town

Ok, so finally I was able to complete my project together with my sister and Etiquette magazine. 
Soon you will know more about this. And today let's enjoy with this look I prepared. I think it has kinda cute side of it, doesn't it? Well, for you to decide.

Perfect Black and metallic Shade

Hey guys! I know I stopped posting regularly as I always did. It's because I don't feel like blogging these days. Just something is bothering my mind. Anyway I got a lot of projects to do and because of this, a lot of news awaits. So keep on reading!

Looking quite casually

Not too long ago I had a chance to go to watch a basketball game live! So that you know, basketball is not really my thing. I don't associate with it in any way.  However in Lithuania it is just like religion! You can't possibly ignore it completely because TV, radio and all the social network is talking about it.

Otherwise, my friend is completely obsessed with it! She hasn't missed any basketball game so far. One day she promised me that she will take me to one of the games. And this day has come! It wasn't really boring as I thought it would be. It was quite interesting I could say!

For the game I chose to look quite casual in order to not stand out of the crowd so much!

New parka from Zara

Autumn season is almost here, not to mention the cold summer weather that suddenly came to town. In that case I had to buy my new autumn parka as soon as possible. So I did! Here it is! My new beauty! Keeping me warm from the cold summer breezes that passes me.

The vintage mood

Feeling all vintage at the moment. My red headband always gives that feeling though. Luckily, the shooting place matches my outfit very well this time! Noticed it by accident. 

Make your own T-shirt!

Hey, guys! Today I just want to brag about my new t/shirt that I got from Hicustom! It's a page where you can design your own t/shirts, hoodies, tea cups and phone cases! Sounds good, right?
Well I actually have designed one myself! I decided to keep it simple and just chose the name of my blog! It's classy,  it's comfortable and most importantly matches everything you wear with it!
I love it! 
If you are curious how to design it, well visit their page then and try designing it yourself! It's fun and easy! You can add cartoons, your own pictures and text! So simple, right?


Do you remember my Tally Weijl jersey jacket? Well I decided to wear it again this time. However, weather still doesn't plan to get cooler so it was a bit hot for me. 


Good evening, dears! My ears has been reached by some news about the new H&M STUDIO collection that was represented in the Paris Fashion Week. The collection itself reflects the spirit of the bohemian woman, who is mischievous yet fascinating, always ready to party. This fall you can see the femininity mixed together with manliness: men's coats, biker and pilot jackets wore upon the dresses.
And the good new is that since the 4th of September this collection will be sold in 240 H&M stores in general and also you could order it online. 

The colors such as black, indigo, beige will be on the flow, also popular will be pink chewing gum accents together with bright zebra pattern details. Embroidery  of Sparkles and beads, lacy sweaters, asymmetrically trimmings will rule this season.

The metallic pointy heels, slippers, hats with fake fur, baiker jackets, fake fur quilting coats, draped blouses and pants, wide trousers, kashmir sweaters and the strapless dresses will be the main clothing of the new H&M Studio collection.

Hell Yeah pink!

I just love my new Boohoo skirt! Really, like I can match this skirt almost with everything I want! Today I tried more sporty look, as you've seen yesterday it was more kind of girlish look.
I'm really fascinated by it's color! Pastels definitely are one of my favorites this summer.
Especially when it's pink!

Odinis Shop & Me in Pink

Good evening, readers, today I'm glad to represent you one more new hand watch from Odinis shop new collection! I really love this one and I love that it matches my outfit so perfectly.
This time I decided to put off black and white clothes and look more summerish than ever. Indeed this Odinis shop watch helped me a lot.

Kaunas, Lithuania

My lovely White skirt

This post was always left out and I almost forgot to share it with you! 
And I accidentally forgot to write this post yesterday which is why I'm posting it right now.
Again my favorite colors black and white rules the outfit.  I especially love my white skirt which is perfect for summer. 

Instamoments from July 2014

Hello, sweeties! You know how much I love post on Instagram in summer! So many beautiful moments and pictures. I can't wait to share with you some of my moments from July!

Ok, so you all probably know that all the summer weekends I spend near the lake! It's  really nice territory with some nice view and people. Sometimes I love to take my friends with me because It get's boring from time to time. 

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