The last day of 2013!

Good morning, sweeties! Today is a busy day probably for all of us, we are talking about New Year's Eve after all! I'm so excited about my  own evening that I'm planning to spend with my friends, so you better expect a lot of photos tomorrow! I didn't decide about my outfit yet, what should I wear? Well, I have some suggestions but I'm still thinking about it!
And now, the last day of this year I'm showing you my last outfit from yesterday! So check the photos and be prepared for the whole new years! I'm planning to be active as ever!

Some of my Christmas presents

In this post I want to share with you photos of some of the presents, I got under my Christmas tree. 
As you already should have seen in the previous post. I got all the gifts I had wanted and even more!
Starting from the perfume by Marc Jacobs. It's called Dotand I really love it! Not only the smell but also the design which is so lovely and cute! It is obviously one of my favorites now.

Feeling comfy in Winter

Yesterday me, my sister and my friend Smilte had a plans together. First to spend some time in the Town Hall and then go to our house and have a photo shoot and a sleepover in the end.
In the town hall we didn't spend much time so I didn't do my makeup like I always do. I've looked quite casual. And for clothes, I've chosen something comfy that will fit for this cold winter day. 

Leopard print leggings with zippers

Finally I can show off my new leggings. I bought them a while ago, but today I decided to wear them for the first time, together with my over knee socks, which I bought from Ebay and my loose sweater from Stradivarius. And to finish the look I chose to wear my black scarf from Reserved and my ankle boots from 
I'm actually sad, cause I wanted to take photos in the broad daylight but I was late and as we know sun sets really early these days so I didn't manage to take photos, so I had to take them inside and use a flash. This made me really sad. But I hope you like it.

Christmas Party

Good morning, readers! Today I want to share with you some photos from the Christmas Party, I had with my dance group. Starting from the show for our parents. We danced some of our dances, then we found out that our parents had prepared a surprise for us. It was a ride with a limo for 2 hours. So yeah, it stopped in the center and five tables of sushi were waiting for us. Later we took some photos near the city Christmas tree and enjoyed our time. It may be the last Christmas Party we had together. Our group may break up, because of studies and all that stuff, so this maybe the last year we dance together. But I'm sure that we will meet each other in the future and it won't be a big problem for us.

My lovely fur coat

For today I was planning to show you photos from Christmas party, that I talked about yesterday. However, today I really want to make a mini post about my outfit that I was wearing today. 
I just love my velvet leggings which I bought from and my fur coat from
It's the first time I'm mixing these two together. I think it looks quite good. What do you think?

Everything looks better in black

I think all of us know what this phrase means. Color black was the main thing in our outfit in today's Christmas Party that our dance group had. Well I could say all the dance collective, from the smallest dancers to the grown ups! Every year, every December we have Christmas parties just like one in which I participated today. However about the party you'll know more tomorrow, now let's focus on my outfit.
I was wearing my 'not so old' sweatshirt, which I've ordered online from and I added my simple, black skirt in order to look more elegant. And to finish the look I chose to wear my over knee socks to bring in that cozy winter feeling and my casual, leather ankle boots.

Dear, December

The second part of my yesterday's post. So Happy that Christmas is almost here!!
I already told you that yesterday I met my friend and my sister. So apart from the Outfit photos I got to show you some more. Funny moments from Yesterday! As I met those gorgeous Elves and as I ate sushi at one of my favorite restaurants and as I walked in the old town of Kaunas with all that Christmas mood! 
*For the outfit details click on the link above.


Finally school is over and I can fully concentrate on my blog and other things. Christmas Eve is on the corner but there is no snow yet. Maybe it will be my first Christmas without snow? haha, who knows.

Today I decided to wear black outside clothes, as well as my sister. We've looked quite the same!
Also I put on my over knee socks again and skirt. It did have that summer feeling. It wasn't so cold today so my outfit fitted well. 

Because of so many photos that I got to show you, I've decided to split this post into two parts. This part is full of my outfit photos. And other part will be, well, much more warmer. You'll see tomorrow.

My Christmas Wishlist for 2013


Wishing is always okay. However this Christmas I didn't want a lot of things so I just came up with these four. I hope I didn't miss anything, because I have that feeling...
 First of all I decided to ask my beloved Louis Vuitton wallet again. Two years ago I lost one and it was, well, really sad. 
Second thing would be a Chanel book. If you don't know yet I  just love to read books and I've wished for this one so long. 
The last but not least is a perfume by Marc Jacobs. I just love this one. Such a cute design and the smell is wonderful!!
 Hope I'll see these loves under my Christmas tree and I'll get to show it to you.

Welcome to

Good evening, dear readers.
We all know that Christmas is coming really fast and I guess we all want to look fascinating. But what to wear? So today let me introduce you to OK DRESS. An online store that sells dresses for any occasion. Let it be wedding, prom, birthday party, New Years eve and so on... In there you can find a big selection of dresses for a good price. Some of them have free shipping that is really a good thing!

New coat and Christmas Spirit

I can feel now that Christmas is coming! All the city center is full of Christmas bulbs and other decorations that can give you that Christmas spirit. But unfortunately all snow is long gone and I'm still waiting for the new snowflakes to fall. 
Weather in Kaunas reminds me of late Autumn it's cold but not windy at all so in that case I've decided to wear my new coat from SheInside as well as my Asos boots.
Hope you like my new look. Don't forget to hype it on

Blue Wednesday

Just got back home and feeling super tired. Today I met my friend and had some fun after school.
We've visited the TakeWay restaurant that offers healthy food so it was a really nice evening with my friend, my sister and homework. It's really nice to spend some of my evenings like that!:)

Today's look is quite simple look that includes my Zara blazer and my Ugg shoes. Feeling so comfy with them. Lately I'm not paying much attention to my hair. I just feel like more natural they're good enough. Today post isn't going to be long cause I'm already so tired but there is so many things left that I have to do.
So for now just lets see some photos from today and I promise, I'm going to do and OOTD post soon so stay tuned!

Instagoodies of November

Sorry I'm so late with this post. It's midnight now and I've been preparing this post for two hours. 

Like every month this one too I'm showing you my Instagram photos of this month!
This post is for those who maybe don't have smartphones or don't use Instagram app or just simply didn't manage to catch up with  the latest news.
 It's all about my daily routine so look at it as if you're looking at my diary. 

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