Some of my Christmas presents

In this post I want to share with you photos of some of the presents, I got under my Christmas tree. 
As you already should have seen in the previous post. I got all the gifts I had wanted and even more!
Starting from the perfume by Marc Jacobs. It's called Dotand I really love it! Not only the smell but also the design which is so lovely and cute! It is obviously one of my favorites now.

Another thing I've wanted for so long, would be my new Yves Saint Lauren lipstick. I got this in bright pink color and I love it! This will keep me a good company on summer days!

A new wallet was one of the things I needed so much! The truth is, I asked for the Louis Vuitton, because I had one before and I was in love with it, but one day I lost it and I had a great shock!
However when I found out that my new wallet is Gucci I didn't get excited at first because I'm sick of the Gucci pattern on the whole thing, but when I opened it I was really happy about the color, because it made the whole thing better. I really like this dark chocolate color and I'm actually really happy about my new wallet, it's much better to have this than to have the same one again, right? 

One more thing I got under my Christmas tree is my Elite Models pallet. I didn't ask for it, but I'm still thankful that I got this. There are pretty cool stuff in it don't you think? New liner, new eye shadows with a brush and mascara. I'm always out of it so it's great that I got them.
Actually I got this in my new cosmetic bag together with an empty box to insert a lipstick, dark blue nail polish, more brushes and other stuff in it. Sorry I didn't take  a photo of it! As I said before here you can see just a few presents that I got!

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