"Martini" club

Today is the last day of February! It feels really good, because tomorrow will be spring.
Now I have some things to say about last Saturday. I was in other city - KlaipÄ—da. It's the city near the sea. All evening I spent in the night club called "Martini" . Time was really good.  And all thanks to my friends, who were there with me.


Yesterday my day was awesome. Since Christmas I don't go out anywhere. I mean I always was in home.
Studying at school, back home, going to dance practice. I was really busy. But yesterday, finally I and my friend before practice went to the cafeteria. We did our homework and drank tea with milk and mango fruit. Like I said, day was awesome except rainy weather. I hate it! Snow was melting around. Such a awful period of time. But I'm looking forward to it. I think that spring is coming really fast and it will be here soon.

New Bershka heels

Hello, dear readers! Long time no see. Sorry for that. You know that things like school are usually urgent. But now I'll tell you some news!
Yesterday I had my dreamed shopping. Yeah, you know that I like the most! It's new season here and new collections as always. 
And I thought that Spring is coming really fast and I need new heels for spring and summer as well. So take a look at my new heels!
What's the outfit?!...Soon!

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