Kaunas, Lithuania

Lady-like me

You won't find me in lady-like dresses or skirts all the time, however I don't avoid this look and I'm happy whenever I have a chance to wear something that ladies would wear. Today I decided to show you the post full of creamy and chocolate colors and lady-like vibes. Thanks Closte Clothes for dressing me!

Striped crop top and a classical touch

I have proven myself a hundred times that I can not live without stripes. I find myself wearing it before I even notice doing so. What could be better? A striped crop top matched together with straight classical trousers and some kind of unbuttoned blouse at the top to make it look more casual. This is what I am wearing right now and I think that it's the best combination to make our Friday look  both casual and classy. And yes, it's possible.
If you are from Lithuania and you are interested in some of the clothes I'm wearing, you can find them all in Closte Clothes boutique in Kaunas!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Karikartel Co - ordinates project

Right now I'm working with Karikartel. It is a lovely store that provides jewellry and accessories in Lithuania.
Karikartel Co - Ordinates is a special project that unites Lithuanian bloggers together. This leads us to trying out the hottest trends, latest designs that Karikartel provides us and  also taking some photos that will be posted in the special blog as well as here in my blog!

Today I am glad to share with you my new look and this lovely bracelet I received. I matched it together with my kind of swagy outfit and made the whole look cool but also have that specific elegant vibe. What do you think?

My wishlist | www.10dollarmall.com

Recently I discovered this lovely online store www.10dollarmall.com. There you can get anything for $10 or even cheaper. Sounds great, right? I got a chance to order something from their store so as soon as I get my goodies I'll do a preview post about it and I will tell you more about the quality and visual look of the item then. For now I invite you all just to take a look at some of the pieces and maybe order something if you want! 
There is a range variety of clothes for any kind of style, so I don't think there will be a problem finding something that you like.
 For today's post I prepared a little wishlist. Hope you guys will find something that catches your eye!


What can be more better than maxi black skirt worn together with black crop top with fringes on top of that! Yeah, so this was basically my outfit not too long ago. Thank you Lalalilo.com for sending me this awesome top! You should check the top right here!

Flowers and leather duo

Floral is one of my favorite patterns of all times! It always makes you feel bright and outstanding! It also gives a touch of elegance and makes you feel all lady-like every time you wear it. 
To avoid looking all that girly today I came up with an idea to mix some leather into the look and make it more chic this time. It is always nice to feel elegant and graceful, but sometimes cool biker vibes are needed and today is the day.
Thank you Closte Clothes for dressing me today!

It's all about boheme in a music festival

Today I can finally reveal the photos of the photo shoot we had a couple of weeks ago in Vilnius. 
We were shooting for the music festival "Granatos" which is currently one of the most popular music festivals in Lithuania. I, as a fashion blogger of Lithuania, had to give some advice about what to wear to the music festival. To tell you the truth it's all about bohemian style to me when it comes to an event like this. That is why I chose to wear my  flare trousers with my coral crop top and black sandals to finish the look.  On the other hand, if the trousers like this are too daring for you, you can choose ripped boyfriend jeans. Match them together with your kimono and look flawless!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Chicago in Pink and denim

The accessory I chose to wear today is quite unusual one as I am not really a hat person, however it is always good to try out new things, right? This is why I have to say big thanks to www.lalalilo.com/ for sending me this lovely Chicago hat which is in pink as you can see. Actually I was looking forward to get the camouflage one, unfortunately it was out of stock (lucky me) this is why I ended up posing with the pink hat instead! I can't say I'm disappointed with this new goodie I got! Actually I really love it and I am satisfied with the color more than I though I would be! So thanks Lalalilo.com for this awesome gift! If you are lucky go buy the camouflage one!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Simple as it looks

I got another lovely look to show you. This time it's the pieces from the new Closte Clothes collection that I am wearing and it is totally amazing! The only thing I wasn't sure about, was this lovely necklace by Simona Brazdžionytė. I mean, it's really lovely, but wearing it makes my look more elegant and I'm not sure if it goes well together with my sneakers, on the other hand I think that the elegant touch that the necklace gives makes my outfit more charming. What do you think? More elegant or simple as it is?

Vilnius, Lithuania

H&M Studio new collection Review party

Good evening lovelies! Some days ago some of you may have seen on my instagram or snapchat that recently I attended H&M studio new collection review evening in Vilnius. During the event the new autumn/winter 2015 studio collection was represented and I can not express ho much I love it! 
(Later I will post the lookbook pictures so you will get to see for yourselves what I am talking about right now!) I'm so glad that I had a chance to spend some time among the other Lithuanian fashion bloggers as well as various stylists, press representatives and other awesome people. 
Today I am sharing with you these awesome moments from the party!!

Violet and blue

As the new day comes the new outfit is born as well. This time violet and blue rules the whole look.
Some days are still quite chilly in Lithuania so I tend to dress body covering clothing pieces to make sure that I won't end up freezing in the evening. In order to make the look more alive I decided to add some accessories like this headband by Woolly Madam and necklace from Pintu. To finish the look I grabbed this lovely clutch designed by Jovita Martin. Thanks to Closte Clothes for dressing me today! All the pieces I was wearing today you can find in their boutique!
Also take a look at those lenses I was wearing! (It was my first lenses ever!) I'm still not used to them though. Actually I was helping sis out and was shooting it with her! Your welcome!

Like a black widow baby

After coming back from my trip to Italy I had quite a break and hadn't posted for a while now, however I think it is time to get into work because right now there are a lot of things happening in my life lately so I have  a lot to post about! Anyway the news will have to wait for some time and right now I want you to see the outfit which quite reminded me black widow and I do not really know why. These were taken on my way to the presentation of the new Closte clothes and Anya Dee collection at the Closte Clothes boutique. (Read about it right here!) Hope you guys like it!

Rapallo GE, Italy

The last day in Rapallo

Good evening guys! Finally I'm back home from Rapallo and even though I'm super tired I can't not to share with you the last photos I took on my last day there. To complete the series of Rapallo traveling I've decided to take photos in the panorama of this amazing city. So here you go! My last outfit and of course the beautiful view!

Portofino, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

A day in Portofino

There was one day in Italy when I decided to look around the nearest cities. Therefore I went to Portofino, a place you must visit once in your life. The thing is, I'd  expected some big city or at least bigger than our beloved Rapallo, however, what i got was a small bay full of designer brand stores and expensive restaurants. The place was surrounded by mountains and that kept me speechless.
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