Last moments with my second family

After dancing together for about 9 years we finally decided to separate and concentrate on other things instead of dancing.  Well it was probably one of the best choices in my life to dance with them. I got to travel around the world, around Lithuania every year, I also had a chance to dance in  TV shows, contests and participate in various fashion events! It was so much fun! But everything has the end and our group also had. I'm sure, in the future we will meet up together many times, but still it wont change the past years we've spent together. These photos were taken in the farewell party which is always have been held in the end of the Spring. This was the last one we had. 

What a lovely day

Yesterday was as hot as it possibly could be. It's so good to finally feel the summer that is coming! 
I again met my friend and we spent a lovely day in the old town. Here are some photos I took for you.

Mint color is back!

Yesterday the weather was so hot and good that we definitely had to go out to the city and then somewhere near the water of course. I want to believe that it's summer already, but damn those exams. Anyway for this hot Friday I decided to wear something that has a scent of summer and it happened that I grabbed my mint heels and my mint dress for a walk.

Moments from the first day in Palanga

So here is a promised second part of photos from my first day in Palanga. For the outfit details click here! And now enjoy some quick shots with a bunch of memories!

Trying to keep it simple

On my second day in Palanga I decided to dress as simple as possible. It was really hot on the second day so I didn't have any choice. On the other hand it felt really nice to wear clothes like these again.

First day in Palanga: ootd

So after one year passed I had a great chance to visit one lovely place in Lithuania again. As weather  got warmer a lot of people came to Palanga to relax or just simply have a great time.
Weather was definitely pleasant but that cold breeze... I just had to wear something warmer for my first day there. By warmer I mean pants, long/sleeve blouse and my fur coat if it's needed. 
I have more photos than you think, I just decided to split this post into two parts. As one will be an ootd post, other just simply full of captures of moments from my first day. 

Apkalbos 2014

Today I'm really happy to show you some photos that I have found in the internet. 
Remember me telling about attending one fashion show? Well I haven't attended as a guest bus as a model this time! Darius Tarela did a great job in the backstage! I took these photos from him. There is also one photo from Deimante Dubauskaite! Thanks to her!

Now a little bit about how it all went. Well like always all models with  no make up have been in Combo club since early morning. After we founded out who are our designers we went to the make up room where all the action was! The first collection didn't require any particular make up. It was natural like I wasn't wearing on my face anything at all. The second collection was a little bit more unique. I had literally a green face and black urban on my head with a ponytail. 

Black and red shade

Lately it is really rainy in Lithuania so I thought Why not to pull out and wear my lovely beanie from Choies for today? Then I also decided to match together my tartan pattern trousers. It was my 'cozy spring look'. Hope you like it! 
I noticed that lately I'm so busy with my school and after/school work so I haven't posted any ootd for a while so I guess I will have to work harder on that. 
I have so much to tell you guys about the weekend that has just passed! I've attended in one fashion show which is quite popular in Lithuania so I'll have a lot of photos to show you! I have some plans for the coming weekend too. Well about that soon! Stay updated!

Tally Weijl New Collection

Finally I can publish these 'unseen' photos for you guys! You've already seen the magazine and the photos in it! In there you can see just a little so now I want to share some more photos from Tally Weijl new collection that can suit any festival girl!

Dressed by Kamile Bukauskaite
Make up by Ruta Juskunaite

Find us in Panele magazine

Today we finally received the new issue of Panele magazine! And you can find us in it. By us I mean me and my sister. We had a photoshoot of Tally Weijl new collection not too long ago, you can see backstage photos right there! And now the final article is published and I can't be more excited as I'm now! Wait for more photos on my blog!

Golden dress from Persunmall

Not too long ago I received an amazing dress from Persunmall! I was so excited to wear it for the first time! Um, sorry for the 'unhappy face'. It was really windy today, I kept fixing my hair all the time and it always ended up being on my face. Well, doesn't matter!

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