1st Outfit: ROCKIE


Yesterday I had a guest at my house. It was my friend Marta. And in the evening we took some photos with two outfits. So today You'll see just one. 
I used some effects on the photos, so it look a bit in a different way, then it looked before. However most of them turned out wrong so I thought that some effects will hide that flaw.

After School

I'm a little bit late with my posts. However, two weeks ago. I was with my classmates in the Italian pizzeria.
We just thought that it would be nice if after school we all spend time together.
So we walked around the city. Later we visited one more Cafe and took our time there.
And about my outfit: Well in our school we all have to wear school uniforms. It is necessary, so When we all left the school and were passing by the city we all were with our uniforms. 

I just wanted to publish one post with my school uniform in it. 
And sorry for photos. There are not many of them. I didn't get half of them because
 my sister accidentally deleted them.

Funny memories from the seaside

Yesterday I and my three precious friends with my sister were going to Palanga. It's a small resort near the Baltic sea. We were there for 2 days only, but it was enough. It was so fun, that I won't forget all of that for the rest of my life!
I'll show you some photos from the first day. I won't tell you the details because we did so many things then, that I will forget from where to begin. So just enjoy the photos and just some sentences, dears... 

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