Funny memories from the seaside

Yesterday I and my three precious friends with my sister were going to Palanga. It's a small resort near the Baltic sea. We were there for 2 days only, but it was enough. It was so fun, that I won't forget all of that for the rest of my life!
I'll show you some photos from the first day. I won't tell you the details because we did so many things then, that I will forget from where to begin. So just enjoy the photos and just some sentences, dears... 

Me, Emily and my sister Laura


Laura, Kristina, Me, Auguste

Emily, Laura, Kristina, Me, Auguste

My new phone case

Autumn evening with friends, hot coffee and chocolate

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  1. Love your winter look dear, your boots are amazing¡ Kisses from

  2. That looks like you girls had a Lot of fun:) I love the winter style that you have everything just maches really well.


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