All in black.

Do you guys believe it?? Just a week left until the 1st September. I feel miserable. All I have done this summer, just walked through the city and spent time with friends in the restaurants and cafes. I mean, it's not that bad. But I really wanted to do something special. Like: to visit some exotic places, eat some gourmet dishes, make some new friends and other... 
Well I don't say my summer was that terrible. First days I spent in England, later in the dance camp with good friends of mine, then visited Poland, saw Pop princess Madonna and in the end just spent some really good time with my friends. :))

Today was just another ordinary day with my good friend Aušra. We spent good time in the restaurant and ate some really good dishes. And I don't know why, but today I dressed up in black. Just added some brown, gold accessories.
 Today's outfit looks quite similarly with this one

Yesterday's / Today's

Today I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Why? Well because yesterday's photos was deleted by my sister. They were taken in the city and they were truly amazing!:( 
Today I decided to take photos with yesterdays outfit again. I think that all my outfits should be here, in my blog.
So I dressed up and was going to the hospital, later to the shop.
I decided to take them after all my affairs will be completed. But it suddenly started to rain. 
My mood was completely ruined. 
So there was no other choice, just to take them at home. 
Here you go!

Must have list for Autumn

Sorry, because this post is already too late. However, here are not so many things in this list. But it has a reason. A lot of things I didn't find online and about others I'm still wondering. Ahh... So let's just say it's part one. So lets start with these first :)


Today I, my friend and my sister were in the restaurant. We spent good time together. And I'm so sad because summer is going to the end :(( The last two weeks I'll write more and more. because I'm going to spend almost all my time in the city.

My lovely, green flats

Yesterday I finally bought boots, I wanted for the new season. Well, actually, I was supposed to buy leather shoes, but it was out of stock!. I was so shocked when I heard it. They were so lovely! 
However, that day I was looking for the new pair. I really wanted to buy it that day!
And I bought it, just they looked different and had a heel. However, that's not a point.
I really like my new boots, I bought yesterday. I'm waiting tor try them one autumn day!!
Today I was wearing my new lovely, green flats, which I bought in England!
Finally! I mixed them together with my H&M blouse and basic ZARA pants.
Love this combination!

Leather jacket, lacy leggings

Yesterday I finally bought clothes, which I want for the autumn season! 
Of course it's not all. Yesterday I bought jacket, today I bought shoes and there is much more to buy in the near future. 
There are some things I bought online. Well I'm still waiting for them, but when they will arrive I will tell you.
Sorry about my must have list, which didn't show up. I'm still working on it!
Guys, there are so many posts to show you!

Summer days

So that's how I'm spending my summer. Nothing much. Just walking around the city, shopping, eating and just spending time with friends.
Today was ordinary summer day with some sushi, shopping time and ice cream. Finally I got to know the prices of clothes, which I'm planning to buy for the new season. New post soon about my must have list! Can't wait to show you.

Today's outfit

Today I was with cosmetologist, who made me ​​a facial treatment. After all, I have to take a good care of my facial skin. :)
 And today's outfit is simple and comfortable.
Usually I choose simple outfits like this one. Unless it's an occasion, meeting with friends or something like that.

Just some summer photos

Yesterday, me and my sister didn't have anything to do, so we decided to make some photos. Some simple profile photos next to wall. 

Some time ago I received a comment for a heavy effect on the photos. I understand. So next time I'll leave these photos more in their natural way. 
P.S. September is coming really fast!

Warsaw, Poland

Last hours in Poland

Last hours in Warsaw I spent while sitting in the stadium. Well, I was watching Madonna's concert. And I can tell that it was great. Voice, music, dances..everything! Despite the fact that Madonna was late about four hours. However time was great! 
That's all for today! See you soon!

Warsaw, Poland

First hours in Warsaw

 Two days ago I was in Poland. First hours I spent in clothes stores. There, in Capital are many shopping centers. So While I was waiting for Madonna's concert I visited some really awesome clothes shops and bought some amazing clothes for Autumn.
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