Going on a vacation!!

Finally tomorrow is the day! I'm going on a vacation with my friend and my sister!! Hot weather, summer heat and the beach! Perfect combination. I took these photos, while packing my stuff. I got a little bit fun with the camera too haha. 
Waiting for tomorrow so badly. I'll take a lot of pictures for my blog, so stay tuned!

Going to the seaside

Today I spent with my sister and my friend. I took some photos for you too, so be sure to check it out! 
It's becoming hotter and hotter outside. That's good, cause after two days I'm gonna to visit a Baltic sea and stay in the resort for five days so stay tuned cause coming month gonna be full of activity. I'll try to take as many photos as possible. 

My summer weekends

Maybe some of you already know that on every weekend in summer  I with my family go camping near the lake. It takes place in  Regional Park of Metelys or something like that. Nature everywhere, no fuss of the city. Sometimes I just need something like that to relax and be prepared for the next week. You should have noticed that here are no posts every weekend on my blog. I just feel that I need to take a break and forget about my blog these two days. 
Anyway, Today I wanted to share some photos from this weekend. So don't expect anything glamorous. I mean it's nature right? I took with me my most comfortable clothes.
P.S. Maybe in the future I will do more posts like this one. Don't know yet.

Blue, Orange, Blue

Hot days are coming back! Today's weather was perfect! I could't wait to meet my friends. Check today's outfit! I finally feel wearing my mini skirt and loose blouse again! Today's colors would be definitely blue and orange! Probably may favorite ones for this summer. I can't get enough of this!

Little leopard in the park

Today I was in mood to hang out with my friends again! Finally! After a week of a little break. 
Decided not to do much activity, just bought some coctails and went to the park. It was a little bit colder today so I decided to wear my fur leopard pattern jacket. It was so much help of it. I felt comfortable and stayed war. 
P.S.Lately I didn't pay enough attention to my blog. Sorry for that. However, next week I'm going to the seaside so you can expect a lot of news! Good night, dears!

Rainy rainy day

This post had to be published yesterday. I didn't have much time so the post is a bit late. Anyway, for yesterday I chose to wear my sparkle jacket together with lacy top. I think it looked quite nice. Don't mind my messy hair it was rainy yesterday.

Visiting a bookstore

Today I lacked sleep so I was feeling really sleepy all day. Anyway, my sister had to buy some jewellry so asked me to accompany her. I wanted to visit a bookstore so I decided to go.
Didn't try to look impressive today so just took out my most comfortable clothes. I really missed my pink jacket from Mango. 

Getting ready

A new day came and a new post comes as well. As I already said in my latest post, I'll have a  photo shoot soon so for that I went shopping yesterday and I was looking for a dress but instead of that I bought a pair of heels and a necklace from Zara. Luckily heels were on sale, but I wouldn't say so about a necklace, which was from a new collection. Anyway what could a shopaholic like me do...
 Here's my purchases!

Shopping on rainy days

Rainy days are back so in the city center there isn't much to do. Why not go shopping then? It's the third day of my shopping on sales. This time I was looking for a dress for a photo shoot! And in the end of course I bought vintage heels that were on sale and an amazing necklace that was from Zara's new collection but I couldn't just pass by such an incredible thing, that is just perfect for summer! 
You will see my purchases tomorrow. Now just some photos of my outfit. I was in a hurry so I couldn't take any, but here are some I took at home as soon as I came back.

Shine bright like a diamond

Maybe you already saw on my instagram, what an amazing present I got! On my sixteenth birthday my grandfathers gave me an empty ring box. They told me that I, myself have to pick the ring that i want. After such a long time I finally got to pick one. So I did! I just love my daily silver ring with seven diamonds! I'm not planning to take it off

Summer shopping!

Finally I went shopping with my friends! After a long period of time I felt like doing it. Although I ordered some clothes online and I was receiving my goodies all this time. But it doesn't really equates to my favorite summer shopping! Sales everywhere!! Just go and buy what your heart desires! 
Thought, it isn't over. This week I'm gonna check some stores again in case I missed something good. 
Well, I'm not in a hurry so I have plenty of time to think carefully what I really want.

Same style, different skirt

Maybe half of you noticed that today I was wearing the same outfit as in this post. (It's about our dance practice in Combo club). But as you see, this time I chose to wear a different skirt. That time I wore mini, tight and kinda elegant skirt, but this time you can see a totally different one! For today I chose a loose skirt. It gives a playful feeling to my look and it's really comfortable to wear. :)

Kaunas, Lithuania

Elegant black

So today I'm black again. And I have to mention that hot days are back so as you can already guess I with my black clothing felt like in hell. However I couldn't resist to look more elegant today so I chose to wear my most comfortable shirt for summer and black skirt that I love so much! 

Hello, July

What do you think about my new outfit? I Think That Those mint heels give that special accent to my combination and it looks even more impressive.
I could not notice That today is the third day of July. Summer goes really fast! The previous month felt like nothing to me, it just flew away. This week is gonna be full of activity so stay tuned!

Black girl

So this day came. There is always one day in summer that I just must to wear black. Yesterday was like this. I just couldn't decide what to wear so I chose black clothes and mixed them together. Black with some golden jewellry I think matches pretty well. 

Instagram Diary: June

1. Pancakes for breakfast. 2. Ice cream that I like. 3. In the city, drinking coffee. 4. Sushi is my favorite food in summer. 4. Wearing my skirt from H&M, flats from Aldo and bag from ebay. 5. Homemade milkshake with strawberries. 6. Perfect moment at the cafe with my favorite frappe with the flavor of the white chocolate and raspberries. 7. Cheers! My fav drink in summer is definitely water! 8. I love food from the restaurant 'Takeway'.

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