Gümbet Hamam, Gümbet Mh., 48400 Bodrum/Muğla Province, Turkey

Day in Gumbet

Today I went to Gumbet, a resort of Turkey near the Bodrum, where I live. 
I haven't spent much time here, just one hour, but I could tell that Gumbet looks more Turkish than Bodrum. I took some photos near the beach, because it was the most memorable thing from there. However it's great that I had a chance to visit another city of Turkey.

Bodrum, Turkey

In the streets of Bodrum

Hello, dears. How was your day? Mine was perfect! Today my morning started with delicious breakfast and a little shopping in the streets of Bodrum. Well, actually I've already done some shopping yesterday, so today I only walked through all the stores and restaurants. I even had a chance to try some traditional Turkish kebab. It was so delicious!

Bodrum, Turkey

Second day in Turkey

Now I'm sitting near the Aegean sea in the snack bar at our hotel and editing all the photos for today.
Me and my sister did a little shoot here, in some places. I'm in a really good mood right now, ready to go to the shopping center to do a little shopping and in the evening an Indian dinner awaits. Can't wait!

Bodrum, Turkey

Dinner with thunder ahead

My first evening in Bodrum. I tried to look as simple as possible, but yet fascinating as hell. Chose this classic look black and white again as it always suit me the best.  Dinner on the top of the hill with the huge open windows while storm is going on and the beautiful view of the thunders flying around while eating is one of the lifetime experiences you just had to go through.

Bodrum, Turkey

First Day in Bodrum

So hello, guys! Now I'm in Bodrum, a resort in Turkey. I just love it here! 
Yesterday we landed and it suddenly started to rain. Well, now it's still a bit rainy, however, people say that tomorrow is going to be sunny a lot. I hope so.
Well if some you don't know, Bodrum is a lot different from all the other Turkish resorts, because it was occupied by the Greeks long long time ago and now it has that Greek style with all that white houses and architecture. But that is why I'm totally in love with it. And our hotel, which is standing on the hill...you can see all the Bodrum up from here! The view is fascinating. I took some pictures on my way to the city center, isn't it amazing?

Kaunas, Lithuania

Back with Black

Wearing my Mango vest and trousers, Asos shoes, Boohoo blouse, H&M jacket and feeling amazing in this simple black&white outfit!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Outfit for Autumn

I was wearing this lovely coat together with my adorable blouse from Zara. Also I added these old shorts I got from H&M, Mohito purse and my new Autumn booties from Asos. 

Inspiration Post: Instagram Jungle

Today I'm going to share with you some of the inspirational women that I'm following on Instagram!
These are the ones I adore so much! They keep me inspired every day, remembering me to do what I love!  I wish today you too will find something new to follow on your instagram account.

LOULU ET TU A/W 2014 catwalk backstage

Good morning, beauties! Lately I've became busy with school so I couldn't work on my blog!But, I have one lovely new for you, guys!
Yesterday I had a chance to be a model at LOULU ET TU a/w 2014 collection fashion show! It was right before the basketball game in the Žalgirio arena in Kaunas!
I had such a great time with my girls! I don't know if I ever manage to get the photos or video to show you, but we will see.

Oh, dear Autumn

Probably I shouldn't say how much I love this season. I'm not really sad about the end of the summer. Yes, school, homework, studies, but apart from that there are things such as hoodies, hot choco, cozy movie evenings, autumn rain and other things that I just miss sometimes. And to me the end of the summer and the beginning of Autumn was the beginning of something new.
New projects, new opportunities and much much more :))
Last Autumn I kinda sticked with loose sweaters, skirts, dark colors. This time, I am going to concentrate on much more colorful pieces. Hope it will go well.

Parisian Chic by Avon

Not too long ago I've received this lovely package from Avon full of goodies of the new season. Found this lovely bright red lipstick and mascara that I just adore so far. Big thanks to Avon! I've always loved bright colors. And that's not all. The new perfume Paris Chick is my favorite! It has really sweet yet feminine smell and it makes you feel like you were in Paris. So lovely! Want this? Then grab a new Avon catalog and take a look!

Booties for the New season

Autumn is here already! School days started again: early mornings, homework, sleepless nights... Thank God it's quite hot these days, not in the morning, but at least at noon you can walk around without any jacket on you. As the new season came I decided to buy my new Autumn booties as well. My purchase came to me yesterday! Want to see it?
I took photos with my instagram camera in early morning with bad lighting. Hope it won't disturb you much.

New Trench Coat

Today I got to share with you some of the photos I took after 8 to Go shoot, as you can see my hairstyle and makeup is already done. Well and of course I'm going to brag about my new trench coat I got as a present from 8 to go office. Thanks so much! I love it!

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