50 shades of Grey

Half of the week has already passed and now I can only wait for the weekend, hoping to recover from all the weekly fuss. But now I hope you enjoy this awesome new look that I wore on Monday. I'm totally in love with it and I think that a great Monday outfit is a great start of the week. Don't you think? Thanks Closte clothes boutique for letting me start my week in a stylish way.

Black and white x Tryon

It's late already but I can't go to bed before posting these awesome photos, which are the result of our latest shoot for Tryon.lt 
I think you are all aware of the theme of the shoot since it's so obvious. Black and white. Just like us, looking all identical but at the same time so different like two opposite details. I heard some people saying that both twins can't be good nor bad. Why I chose black? I think this colour suits me much much better, as well as my personality, since I'm so hot-tempered and cannot hide my true inner feelings, especially when something gets on my nerves. Laura is a lot different when it comes to personality since she can hold it in for a while. But enough of that. 
Let's take a look at some of my favorite pictures of the month. What can I say? A little bit of modernized classy 60's mixed together with the iconic Vegas burger place. Read the original article on Tryon. Big thanks for Oh.Skin! for the big help creating our looks. (You can find them in Closte Clothes boutique).

Styleart T/shirt

Styleart.com has made my day! Not too long ago I got this awesome t/shirt from the store and I totally love it! The store itself consists of various items such as t/shirts, hoodies, phone cases and much more. The main point is that you can design all of those things by yourself and order the finished customized purchase. Or if you're like me, who are way to busy to design clothes and are interested in the art pieces of other designers, you are free to choose already designed items. 
Anyway, you should all check their page, because there are some awesome things to look up and, in my opinion, such items would be a perfect present for someone's birthday as well. So be sure to check! And today I want you to see some of the pictures of the outfit that I chose to wear together with this awesome t/shirt.

Vilnius, Lithuania

What do we like about ourselves in Autumn?

Not too long ago me and my sister together with two other fashion bloggers of Lithuania were invited to be a part of this awesome new television commercial for the department store Ozas. There is also  a small video uploaded in youtube which is a full version of the television video. And yeah, in the video we were asked 'what do we like about ourselves in Autumn?' and the answer is really simple: So many opportunities creating outfits: colours, layers, textures as well as accessories. We let out hair flown in the air and do not pay much attention to that as all we think of in Autumn is the outfit which is so much fun to create.

Back to the office

It's Sunday already and I can't realize that time is going so so fast. It's almost the end of September. And everyone is already busy working in offices or studying in schools. Well, regarding the office, I don't really have one, since I'm still a senior high schooler, however today let's forget the fact and just check my 'back to the office' look. I'm totally in love with the colour mixture that is going on right here. What are your thoughts?
You can find everything in Closte clothes boutique.

Kaunas, Lithuania

The bohemian details

Ok so I know that this isn't completely bohemian look but you should agree with me that those floral cloves of fabric on the top of the pockets and this fringed necklace is so on point! Of course when you look at those over-knee socks it's a totally different matter, however this bohemian/sexychic look DOES appeal to me as I find it very unique and eye-catching. The thing is, the moment you come in to the Closte Clothes boutique, you get all confused because of the variety of clothes around you and eventually you start mixing it all up into one indefinable style which is great since Autumn, in my opinion, is a perfect time to play with colours, fabrics, patterns and layers and it's open for so many  styling opportunities!

On Mondays we wear vests

And here you go our Monday looks! And yes, if you ask us, on Mondays we only wear vests and in colours such as pink and orange on top of that. And of course I'm just kidding. Actually it's just new goodies that we found in the Closte Clothes boutique and couldn't wait to try it out! I love the details on the vests. Just look at those denim pieces on the bottom! It looks super chic, not to mention those awesome buttons all in different shapes! 

Raincoat for rainy days

As the Autumn comes in town it's basically raining all the time. That's why a raincoat is a must have for Autumn season. Today I matched it with the simple classic dress in yellow, a huge tote bag, which colour is so on point this season and also some purple coloured jewellry because it's fun to play with colours! Find the total look in the Closte clothes boutique in Kaunas!

Shoe trends for fall 2015-2016

Today I present you a little bit different post. Here you go a review of a shoe trends for fall and winter 2015. Original and full article is on Tryon.lt page! So check for more! And now let's get to the trends,

Bondage & lace-ups are one of my favorites. These were actually really popular during the summer season. It seems that they aren't falling back and are still on top.
And now it's time for Fur! I love love those slippers! So cute and warm and will perfetcly fit the knitted socks! Furry heels are worth to try too.
Loufers and ladylike heels are still there this fall, just with much more pieces to choose from.

The Anchor T-shirt

Lately I'm in love with the simplicity and with the cartoon t/shirts too. It's way better to see those two in one. I'm so so excited to wear this new anchor t-shirt from Provocateur. It matches with every style and creates some nice looks.  Here you go the street kind of look. Looking all hippie with my maxi coat!

The darker the better

So as the days go on I still can't force myself to wear something brighter than you see in the pictures below. It's just that darker colours are really addictive to me and I just can't let go of it so easy.
So I still prefer being dark on Autumn, but of course I can't resist trying out something new too. For example this cool blouse from Provocateur. The colour is so cool and just fits so well pretty much with everything I choose to wear. It's actually a bit longer in length, but I prefer to wear it this way even more. However you are free to choose yourself which way you you like better, since it does look cool in the original way as well. 

Kaunas, Lithuania

Pinky Monday

Good evening lovelies. Hope you all have a good Monday. Mine is a little bit gloomy and tiring, however I'm happy that I have a chance to post another look for you guys.. Hope you will like it and I will get some of your feedback in the comments below. 
Now I got to share something more for today. If by chance any of you are preparing for the coming holiday or celebration and you are in need of a dress, be sure to check the Missy Dresses Au
Oh, and since it's school time already, be sure to click here to see school formal dresses.
They may have something that you have been looking for so long! A little check will hurt nobody. 
And I may say goodbye for today, school started, less time I got to spend on my blog. 

Navy for fall

As my most awaited season finally came I can't resist to do some changes in my wardrobe. For Autumn I prefer something not so bright, but still on spot. Burgundy or red wine, indigo or navy are my favorites these days! For Sunday I tried out wearing this awesome navy day dress from Provocateur. 
It's simple, but you can't disagree with me, you must have one in your wardrobe, since you can wear it both as an evening dress or for daily basis, depends on how you will play with accessories. To create the ultimate look I paired my dress together with my super lovely creamy high heels and the same colour clutch. My chosen pearl collar finished the whole look giving it an elegant touch.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Vintage Autumn dress

Here we go again - Autumn. To me it's one of the most wonderful time of the year! Fashion gets so interesting during this time. Of course it's raining a lot in Lithuania, however I can't to force myself to hate it since I get so excited when it comes to clothes and I can't wait to try out new looks and play with colours and textures! It's so much fun! This time my I cought this lovely Autumn dress which is so wonderful. Kind of reminds me the 'after school girl', who is heading to some vintage bookstore. And just look at that cute donut necklace! It just makes me want to eat it whenever I look at it.
Thank you Closte Clothes for preparing me for school in style! For the clothes head to Closte Clothes boutique in the old town of Kaunas!

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