Pre-Christmas Evening

I know that I am way too late with this post, but too bad I can't let this go missing. 
Even the name of the post itself refers to Christmas, which is gone for the good and the winter is actually ending. But well let me jut share some thoughts and let you know the story behind the photos. 
Some time, before Christmas one of my seniors invited me and my sister to one lovely evening, just to reflect on the past year and review all the accomplishments and projects, so no wonder a lot of people, she have been working with, came and some of them were quite familiar to me too as well. And what to say, chocolate, more wine, desserts, presents, lovely people.... On time like these I always feel thankful for the opportunity to work with these people and gather together like this from time to time! It was, indeed, a great way to end 2015.

Vilnius, Lithuania

In the backstage of X Factor!

Maybe some of you have already seen on my instagram account about my recent visit to the X Factor Lithuania. I wasn't going there for fun at all, more like for work, however It would be a lie if I said that I hadn't had a lot of fun there! I mostly were taking photos, interviewing the contestants and the stylist of the show and having a looot of fuun back there backstage during the breaks as well as in the front row during the streaming.
Big thanks for Deichmann team for giving us such a nice task to take on! (Read the original article in the trendblog!) It was truly an amazing experience for me! Check the photos we took and the little backstage video we made below!

Shades of red?

One of my usual outfits in black. To add something extra this time decided to include those Rene Deco earrings into the look! So magnificant! I am not really a fan of a red shade but sometimes it makes the whole look stand out even if it's all in black.

Winter wonderland

It is freezing outside so I just had to pull out my fur coat! It didn't match my whole outfit only but  fit in the scenery  so well. 

Black embroidered dress? Yes!

I can't really count the exact number of black dresses under my possession. How about you?
I love all of them though. They may differ in length, fabric or design but they are all great companions during the "I don't know what to wear but want to look extra good' days.
Not too long ago, a postman came by and I received another goodie, which will probably accompany me for the coming days. So classy, so comfy! And those little details around the sleeves gives that extra feeling. Thanks! Click here to purchase one!

Kicking off the day with some tartan

Hello, Wednesday! Hope you all are having a great day! Me too, or at least trying to do so. My all playful a.k.a pattern-full outfit actually came in handy this time! Just look at the plaid scarf!! I got it from (thanks guys!) it made my day! So fun to wear it! Also don't forget my old pair of trousers which are not really supposed to be called tartan nor plaid. Can't really find the right definition for this pattern in my head!! Please help me if you come up with something (in the comments below). And now I wish you all good luck. Friday is coming so just let's just wait a bit...(it's only been my third day in school since the winter break and It's already killing me).

Eastern Europe

Blue with grey

Just as I have mentioned before, grey is indeed my favorite shade in winter time. However, it looks much better with some details mixed in. For today's outfit I chose quite classy yet chic pleated dress with those awesome pockets!! Cannot take my eyes of them. And also don't forget these mat pieces of jewellry from Closte Clothes boutique that gave the charm to my look!

BEST OF 2015

Another year  of blogging has passed. It was full of delightful moments, yet struggles and unpredictable times. It doesn't mater how often I repeat 'this year was the greatest so far' and how I am sick of those words and yet again, I have no other phrase that would be more suitable to describe these past 365 days of my life. 
I couldn't really imagine that I would face so many challenges and try myself at so many different things that would open my mind completely and change me as a person and as a blogger. I am so grateful for all the lessons that life I has taught me and also the presents that it has sent me. I'm so grateful and yet obsessed, always wanting and demanding more from every day that has already passed and is yet to come. 

Now I would like just to remember some of the highlights of my 2015 years and share it with all of you, guys. 

Starting from the cooperation with all the brands, I am sure that this year hit the jackpot. I received so many offers that just turned my life up side down completely. 
In the past days I started working with Closte Clothes boutique and the amazing owner, stylist and designer E. Jorude who was a great senior to me during these days and taught me so many things and let me taste the Lithuanian fashion industry from behind. Also I signed up with the fashion and beauty website and got to work with the whole team, that was amazing and try my self out at organizing a massive fashion event, which was truly a great experience! 
Besides that, I continued collaborating with the Deichmann lifestyle and fashion blog, which brought me so many good memories from all of the events they had organized! I also got to meet so many awesome people along the way as I continued to work work work in this field! I am so happy for all those people and friends and moments and challenges in my life!

However, that is not all! During the year I got to travel a lot as well, which made up other half of the best memories of 2015!! I went to Fuerteventura with my sister and my friend, which was a really big challenge for me and a big step to take in my life! I also traveled to Italy and spend my time in Milan and Rapallo and not too long ago I got back from Paris, which was another breath-taking moment of my life!

It does not matter how great this year was, since I am already planning and organizing my the-most awesome-to-be years-of-2016 and I can assure you that this year will not be boring at all as my mind is already blowing from all the plaaaans that I got!! Soo, stay updated and tuned!!

Grey dress for Winter.

I don't usually wear dresses during winter, but when I do it's usually in grey. What's more, I love to mix black accessories such as leather boots or necklace into my looks. It just makes the whole combination much more eye-catching and not as simple. Just perfect to wear on those days, when you don't have enough of time to be more creative and just prefer to go with something very simple and effortless.

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