Glamorous accessories from Zara

I really adore new Zara accessories collection. Especially the necklaces that are really glamorous! So I just had to buy something! While I was in Mallorca I had to choose two necklaces I liked the most. So I did! Let's see my option... 

Leopard shoes, leopard vest and a guitar.

On the previous Saturday I was celebrating my friend's birthday! Her name is Kamile and some days ago she turned seventeen years old! I'm so happy about her! I didn't take many photos during her birthday. So I can't show you how party went, however I can ensure you that it was really funny and I spent an amazing time there! So happy!
I couldn't take any photos of the whole party and my friends, but I didn't miss my chance to take some shots of my outfit. As you already saw the title you probably guessed how I looked, right? Well I was happy about my new shoes, whom I wore for the first time. And Actually it was my first time wearing jeans. The last time I wore it, was about 5 years ago.

Maxi skirt

As I said before, on Friday was held an event called Miss Kaunas 2013. Before that I and my friend met in the city and took some photos there and after that we quickly moved to the right place, where the event was held. It was combo club, where all the dancers of our group met and went inside. Let's see the photos.

New blazer from Zara

After I came back from Mallorca I had so many things to do and I had so many plans for the whole week, so just know that my blog gonna be more active than before, cause school is over and I'll have more time to spend  on my blog.
On Thursday I had to participate in the dress rehearsal in the Combo club in Kaunas. And it's because on Friday there was held an event which was called 'Miss Kaunas 2013'. I didn't participate as the one of the miss. Don't misunderstand! Our dance group was invited just to dance and make an event even better. 
It was a good chance to wear my new blazer from Zara! Or should I say blouse, cause the material of it reminds me of both blazer and blouse.

Majorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain

Last day in Mallorca

I didn't do much that day. I was just walking around the region I lived and I was looking for some souvenirs to buy. So Yeah my day was like that. In the evening I decided to go near the sea and as you see I took some photos there too.

Majorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain

View from the cliff

It was a 5th day in Mallorca I guess. That day I traveled a lot. The thing I was excited the most was the view of the Mediterranean sea, which you can see from the cliff. It was amazing! Especially the feeling that you can feel standing on the corner of the cliff, while watching down. Because all that climbing I didn't take any accessories with me, so the outfit isn't the main point in this post.

Majorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain

Evenings in Mallorca

Evenings in Mallorca are cold enough to wear a jacket. So that's why I wore my denim jacket from H&M and add some other accessories to this look. You can see the same dress here, just a different style.

Majorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca: Day 3

Yesterday I came back home from Mallorca. And now I'll have plenty of time to write about all my days, spent there. I didn't write in regular time cause here were some issues with an internet connection again and also because in last days I traveled around the island so I didn't have enough of time. 
However, this post is about my third day in Mallorca. I didn't do much on that day. I woke up in the middle of the day so the sun was already up. It was hot so I decided to take some photos in the balcony with my sister. I wore my new dress from ZARA with which I fell in love at a first sight!

Majorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca: Day 2

Yesterday was my second day in Mallorca. This time I visited the amazing Capital city! And also found some   amazing stores! The weather was a little colder so I chose my classical pants from Mango to wear. I didn't forget my leopard pattern jacket from Bershka also. At first it was a little rainy, but in the other part of the day it was so sunny, that I had to pull out my sunglasses!
This day was full of activity. I visited one lovable Cappuccino Cafe near the castle in Playa de Palma and tasted healthy and delicious food here! And in the evening I went to another city called Palmanova. There I visited one more restaurant and tasted national Spanish dishes! 

Majorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca: Day 1

Yesterday was my first day in Mallorca. So I took my time and spent all day in the shopping center. As you all know, I'm totally addicted shopaholic. I also found time to take some photos in the streets. After some hours of shopping, I took a little break and found a fantastic restaurant in the shopping center.This day was totally awesome! I'm so inlove with this city! You can find so many lovable places all around the capital!

Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Just landed in Mallorca

Long time no see! This post is a bit late cause we had some problems with an internet connection. However from now on you will see all the news from Mallorca right here, in my blog. 

This post is about how I looked right after we landed in the Island and reached our hotel! It was night so you can barely see a thing, but I promise, I would post more about our hotel in the other posts.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Going to Mallorca

I already told you before how I will spend the beginning of my summer holiday. I'm going to Mallorca for one week! And tonight I'm going to leave to the airport! Can't wait!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Perfect weather

Yesterday was such a good weather to take some photos. I didn't have much time, because of another dance competition. However I met my friend Gerda and we just took some of them for my blog.
I didn't mention yet, that I already ended my school years, it happened a little earlier than I expected, but that's why it makes me so happy! And in two days I'm going to leave for  Mallorca. I'm really exciting about it. It will be my first time in Spain!

Pink nail polishes and new bracelets

Today I didn't go anywhere, thought it's really warm and sunny outside. Such a shame. However I decided to make a post about my new skull bracelets, that I received some days ago. I totally love them! They perfectly fit with almost everything I wear! And also I want to mention my favorite pink nail polishes that I always love to use. Today is such a sunny day, it somehow reminds me of summer. And because of that I decided to paint my nails with one of my lovies! Have a nice day, everybody!

In the nature

Yesterday was a birthday party of our dance collective. It is 20 years now! So our group had to prepare a performance and so we did. We had to dance a ballet parody of The Swan Lake and a parody of an animation Happy Feet 2. So we meet early in the morning,  then bus arrived and took us to the right place.
All day we spent in the nature so with me I took most comfortable clothes. This post isn't about my outfit, it's more about a day I spent with my friends.

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