Christmas evening

So this is how I spent my Christmas. First I had breakfast with my family. Later I went to the city with my friend and my sister. We were in the center until night. This is how I spent my Christmas.

Ice cream

Such a good time to eat it! With Marta and Laura :) Let's see our photos now:

P.S. Tomorrow post about my Christmas!

Brown shorts H&M

Hello, dear readers!  Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you got many presents under your Christmas tree!
And now I want to introduce you, my new post: Outfit of the week! Remember? Every week I'll show you some photos in my house! So this is second one! This time I want to show you H&M outfit, because shorts and T-shirt is from H&M.
With outfit like this I went to my friend Kristina b-day party. It was day before yesterday. I hadn't camera  so now you can see my outfit in this post!

Exchange gifts

What we do at Christmas? Well of course, we spend time with family, friends... We usually say good words. And of course we exchange presents as well. So this time I did it with my friend Marta. We decided how much have to cost our gifts. 
I gave her gold flower form ring. He was so nice! I just can't not to buy it for her. It was exactly her style. She love it! I'm so happy. 
Well and of course I'm also very happy, because her present is really nice too and I really like it!
Guess what it is?


 This post is about our performance in the second "fulfillment action" (It is TV show -  where are supporting many kids without parents). We were invited i this direct shooting.  However, photos can be a little strange because all day we spent with really exclusivity make up. Now photos behind the scenes... 

Vilnius, Lithuania


Three days ago I left Kaunas and went to Vilnius (Capital of Lithuania). I was in the theater "Circus du Soleil". It was amazing!!! Acrobatics, humor and much much more!!! I really had amazing two hours in that circus. When I was going back home (by car), I took some photos on the middle of journey.  You had seen this coat before. 

Outfit of the week

Today I decided that I can do new thing, which would make my blog more interesting. I decided that one time a week I will share with you some photos which can be taken in my house. You know, just for fun or something... I thing this is quite interesting. I'll show you some ideas of mine. You will see how different I can be every week.
Ah I'm so exited!

What I want for Christmas?

Now is time to send a letter to Santa Claus. I really didn't think about it until now. I didn't know what I want for Christmas. Well, finally I decided to write a letter. At that time I visited some online clothes shops. I saw many beautiful accessories, jewelry, coats, blazer, blouses and more... Finally I now what I want! I think is a good chance to get this things. From now on I really want to find this items under my Christmas tree. So do you want see my list?

Hello, December

This is my first post in this month. I didn't get my photos from my first public performance. I hope I'll get it soon. So now I want to speak about different topic. 
Today was our city's (Kaunas) Christmas tree lighting. And our dance crew were invited in this event. 
So we danced on the stage in the rain. It was fun, but cold. Now I'm in home and I really want to show you photos from today. I wish I'll find photos which were taken when we danced.
See you soon...

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