Instagram Goodies: August

Let me introduce you to Instagram Goodies of this month! In the first photo you can see me sitting and waiting for my lunch. It was our first day in palanga...

It feels like Autumn

Weather got colder, leaves are falling and it's only one day Left until the first of September and two days until school! However, I feel so excited about coming Autumn season! loose sweaters and Ugg shoes, hot coffee and evening movies are driving me crazy!! I just really missed all that stuff! Anyway more about autumn I'll post later... Now let's just enjoy a few photos I took yesterday.

Spikes All Over Me

So did you expect me to wear a haki colour jacket and black leggings with spikes on it and my new Asos booties? Well, maybe something similar? Anyway, that's how I was dressed yesterday. It feels like autumn to me nowadays cause weather is so deceptive, I mean one moment it's sunny and another it's rainy. 
I think I caught a cold cause now I'm not feeling well. Probably I'll have to cancel all my plans for today. Such a waste on the last summer days... But who knows, waiting for me to feel better.

New Season, New Nails!

For today I prepared you a short post so don't expect anything special. The big article gonna be published tomorrow, so stay updated! And for now, can you guys guess what I was wearing today and how my outfit looked like?? I bet you can't... Well you gonna see tomorrow anyway! 
Today I have done a manicure which is actually nothing special. I'm preparing for the new season and for a new school year as well. And the best choice for school is probably simple, not so eye-catching manicure that I have done today. Well it's just the beginning... don't know how the winter nails will look  like... 

Bridesmaid in blue

Yesterday was held my uncle's weddings and I attended as a bridesmaid. These are photos, that I took when I had free time for that.  Anyway, the main color was blue so as you see I chose to wear a dark blue dress and of course I took my fur coat with it me in case evening gets cooler. 

Why it is so cold?

Only two weeks left until the first of September. Weather is getting more and more cooler that I almost got frozen today. My outfit wasn't fit for such a cold day... hope it will get hotter soon.

Leopard pattern is back!

After so long I feel like wearing leopard pattern clothes again! Today I visited my hair dresser and I cut a little bit of my hair so that they look more tidy. It was cloudy day so I grabbed my leopard pattern jacket and my trousers. It supposed to look simple yet nice. So what do you think? No special article for today. Just letting you know, guys, that I missed leopard print so much... 

Ready For a New Season!

Let me introduce you to my latest purchases! That would be my new leathern ankle boots from Asos, that you already saw in my previous outfit. I just love them too much!! And the second thing would be my new bag from a local store Bags&More. Love the dark green color and the design. I think this is perfect choice for school too, just look how big it is. All the school books will definitely fit in!

Last Day In Palanga With Chocolate Milkshakes

Today I will make a little break and post about my last day spent in Palanga. As I told you before that day I didn't take my camera with me so I couldn't take any photos. But I really want to show you a few pictures I took with my phone that day and tell you how we spent our time. 
So yeah, in the evening we dressed in our glamorous outfits as we decided to do at the beginning in our vacation. Every evening supposed to be like that. We decided to visit a restaurant called 'Flora Symphony' in English, which was standing right in front of our house, across the street. We ordered some chocolate milkshakes and just joked around. I really love to spend girly evenings like this one with my friends. 

Cold summer days

Good morning, dear readers! I didn't write any posts for some days now, sorry about that. Yesterday I met my friend and my sister. We had a great time together. The weather these days got cooler so for my outfit I chose my jacket from H&M, my new maxi skirt and my new season ankle boots from Asos. I was really excited to wear them for the first time! Today again I'm meeting Kamile, which I met yesterday, my sister and Gerda! Look forward to a new post!

A Lovely headband from Claire's

 Weather got a little cooler so my floral leggings from Stradivarius are always here for me, especially in summer. And also, you can see me with my headband which I was wearing for the first time. I bought it from a really lovely accessories store called Claire's which you can find almost everywhere. And also you can easily order things online.

Still in Palanga

Today is probably my last post about my days in Palanga. I had one more day there, but unfortunately I couldn't use camera. Anyway, maybe later I'll organize a post with my photos from my phone or instagram. And for now just enjoy last photos I took there. I was so happy I finally got to wear my new blazer!!

Third night in Palanga

So for today I prepared a post for you about my third night in Palanga. Style is almost the same like in the previous evening. Anyway, now is night to me so I'm hurrying to bed so no special article for today. Enjoy the photos, which I'm disappointed with, because seriously, guys! Why can't I never shut up while  they 're taking photos of me. Talking and talking all the time.

Blue Sky, Blue Sea

My third day in Palanga started in the beach. After our breakfast we straight went to tan, haha. Soon it was so hot that we couldn't handle it so we decided to go to swim in the sea. Sand got hot too so we had some troubles of walking. There weren't any waves that day so we swam until it got so deep that we couldn't reach the bottom. But it was fun and refreshing after all. 
I took some photos for you too. 

Rockie for today

 Then evening comes we change our outfits to something, you know, not so simple. For our second night or evening we chose to be rockies. We all wore something black and leather jackets and leggings were necessary. Dark lipstick, visible eyeliner and dark eyebrows. This is how we all looked.

Second day in Palanga

There are a lot of photos I want to show you from my second day spent in Palanga. I chose quite natural make up. Just a little bit brighter eyebrows, no liner just mascara and the main accent probably would be my pink almost red lips, that lost it's color because of water. I didn't pay much attention to my hair either. Anyway, I was glad about my outfit it was hot but quite windy in the beach so I felt quite comfortable in it. 

Night On The Beach

Hello, my dear readers. Today my post will be about my first evening or I should say night in Palanga. Then sun went down and lights illuminated the streets Me, Camille, Gabriela and Laura went to the beach. We took some photos there, which you can see below. And then, we went to the Mojo Lounge coctail bar. There weren't many people so soon we returned to our favorite street in Palanga, where we have spent most of our time. 

1st Day in Palanga

We actually did so much on the very first day. We had our first lunch there then went to grab some coffee and then we headed to the park to take some photos.  It was so much fun! My outfit was very simple cause I needed something comfortable to wear. Weather was perfect so I didn't think much about what to wear. I just grabbed my new denim shorts from Zara, my blouse from Primark and some accessories. 

Instagram pics of July

Today I came back from my four day vacation in Palanga. I can't wait to show you photos I took there! Anyway, for today I prepared a mini post that concerns my instagram. So that you know what is happening in my daily life every month you can find this post in my blog. If you don't have instagram account and you are interested in it so here you go! But, if you have an instagram account you can follow me and know all the news. Now just let's get to the point...

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