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Today I came back from my four day vacation in Palanga. I can't wait to show you photos I took there! Anyway, for today I prepared a mini post that concerns my instagram. So that you know what is happening in my daily life every month you can find this post in my blog. If you don't have instagram account and you are interested in it so here you go! But, if you have an instagram account you can follow me and know all the news. Now just let's get to the point...

1. Taking a short look of the new article. 2. Spending time with friends and cold frape. 3. Need something cold for hot summer. 4. Always wanted to pose like that :D 5. My little dolly friend Lavi! 6. Our days near the lake! Trying our best to stay cool. 7. Some photos from my archive of me. 8. Still trying to stay cool by wading in water. 9. Bought my baby ring today!

10. Eating healthy. P.S. Whats wrong with this photos?? 11. Some French deli. 12. I'm happy to show you my baby earrings from H&M, which I fell in love with! 13. Taking pics in car is my habit. Wearing my floral leggings from Stradivarius and purse from Reserved.  14. New stuff I bought from Zara. 15. My habit to take pictures in car hasn't changed yet. 16. Easy breakfast with my laptop. 17. I just love to eat healthy sometimes. 18. I just need some time for my self too haha.

19. Eating at night. I hate when I do that. This time tried to eat something delicious yet healthy. 20-21. Selfie time. 23. Meeting friend in the Cafe. 24. Eating sushi in a strange place. It's like a yard of Church but it's so silent there. 25. Besties. 26. Girls' day. 27. Memories from Mallorca that I can't forget. 28. Another weekend near the lake.

29. Just painted my toenails. 30. With my sis and my friend Camille. 31. Just a short preview for a new post. 32. Just some photo from a new post.

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