Instagram Goodies: August

Let me introduce you to Instagram Goodies of this month! In the first photo you can see me sitting and waiting for my lunch. It was our first day in palanga...

1. Street we have lived in! 2. First time at the beach just after we got to Palanga. 3. Our first lunch there. 4.And our first dessert...

5. My purse from Reserved and blueberry milkshake as I remember. 6. First evening... 7. Sangria for five people. 8. Second day and breakfast.

9. I have a habit to take photos before eating. 10. Chocolate waffle. 11-12. Another evening and another gigantic drink, again for five people...

13. Third day in Palanga. 14. Breakfast time. 15. View from the bridge. 16. Lunch time.

17-18. Having fun. 19. Selfie time. 

Let the fourth day begin!

22. Got some refreshments. 23-24. Selfie. 25. With Kamile.

26. Fourth evening in Palanga. 27. Got busted. 28. Max coffee is probably my favorite in Palanga. 29. Best lunch I've ever had.

30-31. Archive. 32. Just got back home and went to the cinema. 33. After cinema waiting for lunch.

34. Always have to take photo of my meal.  35. Guess who? 36. With my sis. 37. Mallorca adventure!

38. Archive...

39. Babysitting.

40. New ankle boots from Asos. 41. Selfie. 42. With Kamile had nothing else to do... 43. Selfie again...

45. Tuesday with Kamile and my sister.

46. Archive. 47.  With a new day new post comes. 48. Macarons and coffee in the coffee house! 49. Trying on my friend's headband.

50. Archive again. 51. Dress that I'll wear tomorrow. 52. Getting ready in the beauty salon. 53. With my sister.

54. Wedding dinner. 55. Got some free time with my sis. 56. Breakfast!! 57. New nails.

58. Guess the outfit. 59. Movie time.  60. What's the dessert? 61. Hot vanilla coffee and friends!

Love this new thing I found!!
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