Christmas evening

So this is how I spent my Christmas. First I had breakfast with my family. Later I went to the city with my friend and my sister. We were in the center until night. This is how I spent my Christmas.

Ice cream

Such a good time to eat it! With Marta and Laura :) Let's see our photos now:

P.S. Tomorrow post about my Christmas!

Brown shorts H&M

Hello, dear readers!  Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you got many presents under your Christmas tree!
And now I want to introduce you, my new post: Outfit of the week! Remember? Every week I'll show you some photos in my house! So this is second one! This time I want to show you H&M outfit, because shorts and T-shirt is from H&M.
With outfit like this I went to my friend Kristina b-day party. It was day before yesterday. I hadn't camera  so now you can see my outfit in this post!

Exchange gifts

What we do at Christmas? Well of course, we spend time with family, friends... We usually say good words. And of course we exchange presents as well. So this time I did it with my friend Marta. We decided how much have to cost our gifts. 
I gave her gold flower form ring. He was so nice! I just can't not to buy it for her. It was exactly her style. She love it! I'm so happy. 
Well and of course I'm also very happy, because her present is really nice too and I really like it!
Guess what it is?


 This post is about our performance in the second "fulfillment action" (It is TV show -  where are supporting many kids without parents). We were invited i this direct shooting.  However, photos can be a little strange because all day we spent with really exclusivity make up. Now photos behind the scenes... 

Vilnius, Lithuania


Three days ago I left Kaunas and went to Vilnius (Capital of Lithuania). I was in the theater "Circus du Soleil". It was amazing!!! Acrobatics, humor and much much more!!! I really had amazing two hours in that circus. When I was going back home (by car), I took some photos on the middle of journey.  You had seen this coat before. 

Outfit of the week

Today I decided that I can do new thing, which would make my blog more interesting. I decided that one time a week I will share with you some photos which can be taken in my house. You know, just for fun or something... I thing this is quite interesting. I'll show you some ideas of mine. You will see how different I can be every week.
Ah I'm so exited!

What I want for Christmas?

Now is time to send a letter to Santa Claus. I really didn't think about it until now. I didn't know what I want for Christmas. Well, finally I decided to write a letter. At that time I visited some online clothes shops. I saw many beautiful accessories, jewelry, coats, blazer, blouses and more... Finally I now what I want! I think is a good chance to get this things. From now on I really want to find this items under my Christmas tree. So do you want see my list?

Hello, December

This is my first post in this month. I didn't get my photos from my first public performance. I hope I'll get it soon. So now I want to speak about different topic. 
Today was our city's (Kaunas) Christmas tree lighting. And our dance crew were invited in this event. 
So we danced on the stage in the rain. It was fun, but cold. Now I'm in home and I really want to show you photos from today. I wish I'll find photos which were taken when we danced.
See you soon...

Glacial sea

So, this post had to be posted some days ago. Sorry, I was so busy last days. Many homeworks and exams. Finally I can show you my photos from other city in Lithuania. It's named - Klaipėda. City near the sea. I was there, because I participated in dance championship. With my dance crew of course. I had so much fun. Time really was awesome and I think, I'll show you more photos from my trips with dance crew from now on.

Have a nice evening!

Dance with umbrellas

So this video I found in YouTube. We danced in the city some days ago. And as I mentioned day was really cold. Remember my look? I was with electric blue coat and Burberry scarf.  
So, you can see our dance now :) 

P.S. 1:58 - you can see me

Black cat's eyes

Yesterday, I had a guest in my house. It was Emily. She stayed overnight. We didn't sleep until 7o'clock. And my make up that day was: black eyes, eyes like cat's. And photoosss...
(sorry for poor quality) :(

Dance in the city

Day before yesterday, I and my friends (from our dance group) were in the city. Well Lithuanian government organized a project: UNITED KAUNAS. We danced with umbrellas, and we shared a good mood with everyone. Day was cold and my hands just end up freezing with the umbrella. But I was fine! Day was really fun, and I didn't think about my cold hands. Later If I get more photos and video, I'll show it to you.

Today some photos from that cold day. We were in the cafe, late in restaurant. 

Graz, Austria

Made in Graz

So finally I got this photos from my friend. And I'm very sorry, because I know, I'm already late. This post had to be posted last month. But it's alright, because who was that was lost, so never mind. All photos were taken in Graz, Austria. I want to say some words about that day, about that city.

All day, what we have done, we had shopping. We visited all clothes stores in the city center. Starting from ZARA and ending with H&M. I can't not to mention cosmetics shops. 
City is wonderful. All old buildings, all -old-fashioned clocks. Everything was beautiful. I can confidently say, that all the view, and this city...If you see it just one time (that's enough), you won't forget it in the future.

Halloween party

So now time to see my photos from Halloween party, which was in my house on last Sunday. So party was great. Many friends came. We celebrated in my cellar (underground). First hours party was scary, later loud music and drinks changed uncomfortable atmosphere. So I was dead girl, who was hurt by her boyfriend. Well the truth is that I wanted to be dead Lady Gaga. But I didn't have a costume, so I decided to be a dead body. 
Photos is really scary, don't be afraid...

All Soul Day

Yesterday I, my sister and my friend Emily were in the shopping center. Later in the city.
All day I spent in the shopping center. We ate sushi and Japanese chicken in the Japanese restaurant, later we had shopping and I bought my new handheld (ZARA), which will tie in to my new coat (from H&M). So after that, we go out. We wanted to walk in the city. It was evening, it was dark. All the city was decorated with candles. By that I mean that all the way in the center was decorated by them. So I felt so relaxed at that time. Maybe, because, it was All Soul Day. In the city were many foreigners. But I don't know why? First time I saw so many foreigners in our city at the same time...
Ok, so now, time for PHOTOS!!!

Budapest, Hungary

Evening in Budapest

The next post is about our trip to Hungary. So we arrived in late evening and than we had a review with boat. So we had chance to see  a wonderful Budapest city while swimming through the river. OK, enough for today, see you later, guys!

Czech Republic

Still in Czech Republic

So today You have to see my new post. In this post I was in Prague, but it was the second day. So In the next day we visited much more places in this city. And day was awesome! I'll really miss this city. We walked again through cathedral. And  day in capital is no worse for night. So I hope, that I'll visit it again and I'll see much more beautiful places in the future.

Prague, Czech Republic

Night in Prague

After mountain beauty we moved to Prague. Prague, we were only in the evening. But it was okay, because nights in Prague are amazing! The lights! The music. Everything was awesome. It seems that I fell in love with that Cathedral.

Czech Republic

Between the mountains

So this is our trip's begining. In the morning we woke up in Hotel In Poland. And then we moved to Czech Republic. When we traveled up the mountain, we stopped and decided to look around. We walked around the mountains about four hour. Then we decided to get to the bus. So do you want to see photos which I took in the mountains??? Let's see them all!

Good morning, October!

Sorry for so late, but I can't write previously. So today is 9th of October. And this is first post on October. First and the last post on this and next week, because on Monday (tomorrow)  I leave Lithuania with my dance group 'DEMO'. I didn't say you before that tomorrow we'll leave our country and move to Austria through Poland and later through another countries. So later you'll see many photos from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and other Countries. But photos you will see then when I come back. It will be after 8 days. So that's all about this. Now about these photos which I took day before yesterday. That day I was with my friends. We had shopping together. And of course we took photos. These photos are my first photos in October and with gold leaves. Later you'll see much more.

Enjoy the sixteenth, Mil!

So as I said you before, in one post, that I was in my friend Milginte's birthday. It was two weeks ago.
Birthday was in her house. Nothing special, just tasty pizza, fried chicken and champagne! (I love it)
So finally I got the photos. And I'll show you many, many photos from that day.
Enjoy the sixteenth, Mil!xo

Ride on the horse

Some days ago was my friend's birthday. Her party was in the stud farm. First time in my life I had chance to ride on a horse by myself. Feeling was amazing. I want to try it again, because manage a horse... that feeling... It is amazing!
You can see my outfit and photos now!
(By the way, I was with my new LINDEX sweater)!!!

Photos with dance outfits

So this is one more advertisement. This time with our dance group dance outfits. The photo shoot was in village (I think so) near the planes. The add is necessary to television. You see, sometimes we dance in television shows. They have to know how we look with our clothes (Dance clothes).

All day all night!

A few days ago we had guest in our house (Our-me and my sister). Our friend Marta came to our house and we had all day and all night together. Time was amazing. We took some photos together. Some of them are really funny. I want to show you all, but it's too much for you. (cause later you'll have a nightmare) haha

Advertisement for the dance group

So now long-awaited post! Advertisement for the dance group. Photos looks good. I want you to see it. In one post I spoke about my make up for this advertisement. And here we are! (We are in the skate park.)I hope you like it. 
P.s. I'm with pink leggings and my sister with red pants. That's all. Good week, guys! :)

Photos from September 1

So finally I can show you my photos from September 1. You know, first I had to sow you my photo shoot/11 photos. But now you can see photos from September. So the first September day was the same as over school days except without no lessons. We take part in the city. Spent our hours with ice cream coctails. Day was really good.

The last outfit of photoshoot/11

So the last outfit of this 2011 photo shoot. And one more new! Yesterday I got my photos for "Demo Junior" (My dance group) ad. And you don;t know something. That I was in one more photo shoot with my dance outfits. (Photos you will see soon too) So keep waiting.

Next photo of photo shoot/11

Sooo the next one... In black background  this one.

The next outfit

For today post I show you the fifth photo shoot/11 outfit.
Do you want to see more photos? It's almost the same as the last outfit (Fourth outfit), but the accessories are  different. I mean beige color scarf looks good with my dress from Italy.

PHTS/11 Fourth outfit

Todays post, fourth outfit...

Little black dress. PHTS/11

So this is my third outfit. I thought that some pink and black is really good choice. How about little black dress?
Wanna see?

Photo shoot/11 second outfit

This post had to appear tomorrow. But tomorrow will be my friend's birthday (Photos will appear soon), so I can't do it then. 
The second outfit you can see here now!

Photo shoot/11 First outfit

You probably don't know that I had one more photo shoot. This is not advertising like other photo shoot. This photo shoot is held every year. So two days ago I had it. Photo shoot was prepared in photo studio like last year. 
Anyway I want to show you all my outfits in this photo shoot, which was prepared by model agency DEIMA
So my first outfit...

Before the photo shoot

Two days ago was a photo shoot. It was a advertisement for my dance group. With me participated other 5 girls, which dance in the same group. But anyway, that day I was to make-up specialist, which made me extraordinary, but simple make-up. Do you want to see the outfit? 

P.S. Later I will show you my photos from the advertisement.

Fairing from Germany

Yesterday I got my fairing from Germany from my uncle. He now live in Germany and yesterday he came back. You know what I got from my uncle? Well he thought that September is here and school too. So he gave me a heart-shaped box and pen shaped eraser from ESPIRIT!
 You know what? I love it!

After christening heaving dinner

A few days ago was my cousin's christening. After the christening we (Me, my sister, our parents, my cousin and his mother and stepfather) went to the restaurant, to have a dinner. Day was full of work. I was so tired, but everything was perfect.

Waiting for September

In the last post I said that I was shopping with my friends. So do you want to see how I looked that day? I was wearing my lovely Mango blouse and my favorite floral pants. It's truly strange combination, but the result, I think is really good.
 So I think the summer is going to the end and I wish you enjoy in the last summer days. The September is coming fast, I think. 

New stuff from ZARA

Yesterday, I and my friends Emily, Violina and my sister was go shopping. You know we wanted to buy something to autumn, because weather in Lithuania is awful.(You know like in autumn), but it's summer now! I don't care if i'ts the last summer days. It is unfair! Anyway, can you guess what is in that bag?

As Olsen sisters

Yesterday me and my sister 'twin' Laura thought to do photo session (you know, in her room). But not simple photo session. Everyone (I mean friends) says, that we look like Olsen sisters. (They says that I look like Mary-Kate and Laura looks like Ashley). So we thought that we should take photos similar to their photos, that the pictures would be the same ( at least similar). So We have done so as we said. Do you want to see Our photos? they really look funny, haha.

Before going to town

Yesterday I was in the city center like always. But here was one problem. My camera discharged, so I didn;t had any chance to took photos with my new look. I asked my sister's help. She didn't want to lend me her camera, So I was with no hope. But she said that she can take photos now. I agree with her opinion. So we do like we said. 
P.S. Photos were taken in her room

Lacy sweater and black skirt

Today was cloudy sky, but hot day. Anyway I with my friends Emily and Violina had a great time together. For today I chose lacy mango sweater, tally weijl skirt and graceland shoes. I think I didin't lose and all that clothes were consistent among themselves.

30 days left until the first September

Heey, dudes! How is going on? Sorry for no write a long time. I was in the city as always, haha. Well before city I was in the cinema with my friends, latter (I mean - after city) I was near my school. And OMG... 30 days left until the first September. cAn you believe it??? I had nothing good done during this summer. I feel bad. and during those 30 days I want to do something good, something recalled, you know... I had no chances to take photos from my sister's PC. But now I take it and I show you my last weekend outfit. Not many photos I have. Only two I guess.
Here they are!

In the meadow, near the cows

Well you see, this weekend I spent in the village again. This time with friend Kristina. Time was awesome. We took shoot in the meadow, near the cows. Photos I think are amazing. Do you want to see them? Do you want to see my outfit?

Hot day near the river

Today was AMAZING DAY. I and my friend Kamile spent time near the Lithuanian river. Time was amazing, and day too. Day was sunny and hot. Thats way we take place like this (place near the river), because today was very hot and I thought that we melt haha. But everything was okay.  So today I wore my new rubber shoes, you know? Do you want to see today's my outfit?

Rubber shoes arrived today!

Well today in my house arrived rubber shoes. They were very welcome and now they are mine, finally. So today you can see them. 
The first outfit with them you will see later.

Rainy and sunny at the same time


Today so sunny and rainy day at the same time. I don't know what to think. Today I was in the city center and with my friend Rūta we visited a small restaurant "Sandwich Bar",  ate tasty sandwiches and talked about this unpredictable life ha ha. I think that, for know on I'm an official life lover.

One more party!

Hello, dears. Yesterday was one more party. Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday. Party was awesome, because in the party sounded very much music. And was a lot of dances and songs, because my grandmother to the birthday invited her musical group's members (she's a singer).  
So party continued until early morning and I'm now feeling like a zombie again haha.

Good time at Oriflame party

Hello, Wednesday! Yesterday was very difficult day (and night). You see,  my sister works in Swedish cosmetics line ORIFLAME. And day was full of work, because I was invited to Oriflame party yesterday. And I really have fun, and I spent good time with my sis, and one friend, who also works there. You know, after a busy day I, my sister and my friend came back into my house. And have a good evening together. We didn't sleep all night. So I'm now feeling like a zombie.

TALLY WEiJL shoes in my wardrobe for now on!

Yesterday I bought new shoes from TALLY WEiJL. 
I love them and latter you will see my first outfit with them.

Yesterday with laces

Yesterday was very good day. I and my friend Martyna spent good time together. 
So I was wearing my new stuff. Not all, but one of them. It was a sweater. Lacy sweater from MANGO. 
 Perhps you know how much I love laces. 
I love all clothes related with them. Dresses, socks, skirts, shirts and more.

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