As Olsen sisters

Yesterday me and my sister 'twin' Laura thought to do photo session (you know, in her room). But not simple photo session. Everyone (I mean friends) says, that we look like Olsen sisters. (They says that I look like Mary-Kate and Laura looks like Ashley). So we thought that we should take photos similar to their photos, that the pictures would be the same ( at least similar). So We have done so as we said. Do you want to see Our photos? they really look funny, haha.

In these photos I'm with my sister Laura. 

So what do you think? huh? I mean we look alike. Isn't it the truth?

That's all today. See you later, guys.
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  1. so cool!
    you guys look so cute and stylish!


  2. I love Olsen sisters and you guys do look like them:D Great photoshoot!


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