Budapest, Hungary

Evening in Budapest

The next post is about our trip to Hungary. So we arrived in late evening and than we had a review with boat. So we had chance to see  a wonderful Budapest city while swimming through the river. OK, enough for today, see you later, guys!

Czech Republic

Still in Czech Republic

So today You have to see my new post. In this post I was in Prague, but it was the second day. So In the next day we visited much more places in this city. And day was awesome! I'll really miss this city. We walked again through cathedral. And  day in capital is no worse for night. So I hope, that I'll visit it again and I'll see much more beautiful places in the future.

Prague, Czech Republic

Night in Prague

After mountain beauty we moved to Prague. Prague, we were only in the evening. But it was okay, because nights in Prague are amazing! The lights! The music. Everything was awesome. It seems that I fell in love with that Cathedral.

Czech Republic

Between the mountains

So this is our trip's begining. In the morning we woke up in Hotel In Poland. And then we moved to Czech Republic. When we traveled up the mountain, we stopped and decided to look around. We walked around the mountains about four hour. Then we decided to get to the bus. So do you want to see photos which I took in the mountains??? Let's see them all!

Good morning, October!

Sorry for so late, but I can't write previously. So today is 9th of October. And this is first post on October. First and the last post on this and next week, because on Monday (tomorrow)  I leave Lithuania with my dance group 'DEMO'. I didn't say you before that tomorrow we'll leave our country and move to Austria through Poland and later through another countries. So later you'll see many photos from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and other Countries. But photos you will see then when I come back. It will be after 8 days. So that's all about this. Now about these photos which I took day before yesterday. That day I was with my friends. We had shopping together. And of course we took photos. These photos are my first photos in October and with gold leaves. Later you'll see much more.

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