Kaunas, Lithuania

Tiko Patiko clothing line

Kaunas, Lithuania

The autumn colours

Kaunas, Lithuania

Just look at the violet dress!!

Looking through the Maybelline New York and L'Oreal Paris goodies

As the new day comes, the new beauty product review sure does come too! And this time it's the L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York what it's going to be all about. So if you're perhaps on a shortcut of make up products or just simply want your collection to increase and thinking about buying something, take a look, because why not, it's fun!

Deichmann new collection launching & style consultations in Vilnius

 A week ago, I paid a short visit to Vilnius. To be more specific I had some work to do in one of the Deichmann stores in the Ozas department store. So the reason of my visit was very simple, Deicmann team together with style support team has launched the latest A/W collection and done some consultations for the visitors and customers. I really love events like this, since you can have a great time working and talking with great people.

Kaunas, Lithuania

classic that never dies

Maybe some of you already seen on my instagram these perfect Reebok classic sneakers that I was wearing one day. Aren't they just flawless? You do can take on some exercise with them, but personally I prefer to stroll around the town with these matched together with my leather midi skirt, denim jacket and the crop turtle-neck? Classy yet chic, isn't it?

South Korea


So it has been almost a month since our trip to Korea. I am very happy to be able to show the last post from the trip which is going to be a little bit different from the ones I have been posting during my travel. This time I am about to do a wrap up story which would mostly include people, food and places. Maybe you're about to visit this amazing country? Then it would be perfect for you to check on some things before you go, as we did visit some awesome places there. I am going to leave short captions along the photos so that you could understand what the photo is all about:)
Now it's time to stop blabering, go get some coffee and snacks, cause you're about to see some culture shock here and there.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Rene Deco Autumn goodies

Here are many photos from the 'little shoot' we did with Rene Deco handmade accessories designer. You may find some of the pieces familiar as I already posted the summer edition of these on my blog. Here are some of the new colors as well as a bunch of new stuff they have! Go visit their page to find more about the goodies!

The metallic raincoat

Kaunas, Lithuania

September 1st in town

It's time for September first which came so quickly and unexpectedly. Too bad there is no school for me this year, therefore you won't see any uniform shots or after school sittings in the cafe. Not anymore. However I may soon move to England to start my studies there, so you may wait for some new posts there:)

Busan, South Korea

Street style shots from Korea

Photos by  Kyong Dok Park 
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