Looking through the Maybelline New York and L'Oreal Paris goodies

As the new day comes, the new beauty product review sure does come too! And this time it's the L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York what it's going to be all about. So if you're perhaps on a shortcut of make up products or just simply want your collection to increase and thinking about buying something, take a look, because why not, it's fun!

I think it would be great to start with the nail polishes I got from Maybelline! Please tell me at least one person, who wouldn't like to have these two colours that I got a chance to lay my hands on. No one, I believe. Just look at the perfect duo! It's such a nice combination for Autumn, don't you think? Even though I got them in summer, being obsessed by the colder season, I must admit, this gonna never leave my nails! Do you know, what else one needs in Autumn? That's right! lip balm! No one wants to have cracked lips, right? You know what's best about this? It does give some colour too, not to mention the facts it keeps your lips moisturized for a really long time. This is probably my favourite product out of all this time.
The next type of products I am going to comment on is supposed to be put on your face. So basically what we got here is these 3 tubes of foundation. All the colours are different. I personally have to mix two of them together in order to get that one shade, whitch would match the colour of my skin. Oh and this is now officially my favorite foundation to use. The texture is just perfect, it is perfectly applied on my face and doesn't create that "mask" kinda illusion which I can't take and always struggle with, since I always end up picking up the wrong foundation to use.
Guess what the other two products are? yup, it's all about high lighting your cheeks. 
I did try the one on your right and I must say I love the shade it gives. As you can see it's very light and it perfectly matches my now a  bit tanned skin. After using it, my cheeks get that natural shiny effect and face does look a bit more slimmer, when contour gets into the game.
Now it's time to review some pieces for the eye&brow make up. Have you ever seen such type of eye-liner? I mean the black one from Maybelline, called Master Precise Curvy. It's still new for me. I tried it and it felt kinda wear, probably because I am not a pro at make up at all and even with the traditional one I am bound to fail :D but well, what do you guys think? have you tried one of these before? If so, let me know in the comments below, what was your experience like.
We also have two mascaras here. One from L'Oreal and one from Maybelline. Still can't decide which was better. Oh, and the Brow artist pencil is also interesting as it is can be used both as a exact pencil and as the brush, to get those smooth, shady, natural-looking eye brows! Very nice thingie to have.
 And now my favourite part! Lipsticks!! This gets the bonus point for the extreme colours that, as you all know, I just adore. My personal favorite is the matte Vivid liquid lipstick, which is so easy to apply and it doesn't crack like most of matte lipsticks usually do, which is just great. And the colour lasts for almost all day, so don't be afraid to have one in your bag while you're having a hectic day, going to meetings or travelling. It looks perfect and is super cool.
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