What's trendy? The septum earring

Most of you must have already heard of this new trend situation going on here, some of you might have even tried it already. Yes, just as the tittle suggests it's not just any cheesy trend but it's the septum earring which has come back and is now on the highlight of the street fashion. This Indian based stylish detail was first introduced to the world in 70's, ten years later it came back as the iconic rock jewel and was extremely popular among american hippie community. Nowadays it's even possible to take this into the whole other level and make the septum earring look at its finest even in the elegant shape. (original article)

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Snow Whites

Okay let me tell you today about my debut as an actress  in upcoming local television series.   As the series are still in progress I really can't say any more than just describe my own experience.  I really didn't even debuted yet as the premiere is going to happen next year so lets wait. And I  want to notice -  don't expect anything much as I took the supporting role, it isn't really anything special, but hey you can't expect to be big right from beginning, everything happens step by step so I am not sad at all. Actually I am really excited! I couldn't even thought that I could work with so many amazing people in Lithuanian pop culture and star in one TV series together with them. The whole crew was amazing and I had the greatest time! Now I want you to see what me and my sister wore during the shooting. Thank you Style City boutique for amazing dresses! We felt like princesses or as the main actress noted 'Snow Whites'.

The turtle-neck mania

I feel kinda strange when Spring is about to get real everywhere in the world and here in Lithuania my outfits don't look Spring-ish at all. Sorry about that, but I am still going to stick with my turtle neck mania. Because it's classy it's elegant and very convenient to wear. With this brick-coloured one you've already seen me in Paris, yet I couldn't resist to make another outfit with some different pieces this time. Take a look.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The classy issue

Two the most significant fashion days in Lithuania have already passed. Unfortunately I was able to attend the first day only, but well, probably will get to hear the rest from my friends who were on the watch throughout all the collection marathon. 
Whenever those days come closer I feel uneasy about my outfit choice as what to wear was the most relevant and constant question from the beginning of March. Though the problem got solved easily this time as I joined int the collaboration with one of my favorite Lithuanian designers Agne Deveikyte with her brand name Agne fashion. The latest ss16 collection just recently came out so I was lucky to wear some of the pieces during the event. Biggest thanks to Agne for the amazing outfits not only for me but also for my blogger sister. We looked twincy shmincy fancy and were on the highlight during the whole evening! Got to mention that the look wouldn't be complete without this badass purse by Rezzi. This made my outfit look more sharp and made it more eye-catching. 

Twin-Set Simona Barbieri store opening

So happy I was part of the New Twin-Set Simona Barbieri designer brand store opening in Kaunas city! The Italy based brand has just opened the second store in Lithuania, the first was opened in Vilnius last year and the third one is about to show next year in KlaipÄ—da! Could not feel more happier as the clothes are just beyond amazing and having stores like these in every corner of Lithuania is far more than exciting. Anyway, now moving to the party, too bad I took on modeling so I couldn't see much from the backstage, but as far as I've heard and seen in the pictures, it seemed to be a great event!

BBS i'Lashes Academy opening

Not too long ago I attended the opening of Baltic beauty school i'Lashes Academy in the old town of Kaunas.  I've heard of the BBS before although I haven't really checked in or anything, but I received some good feedback and was excited to catch some moments of the opening for my blog! I can say it wasn't my first time taking part in the event like this but I was still quite impressed. The thing that made me fell in love with this place was probably a warm atmosphere and friendly people all around. I've already known the biggest part of them as we have worked in some projects together, but some I got to meet for the first time and it was really a great evening of interacting with like-minded people.
Apart from that, there was also a big table full of sweets and other snacks and the customized cake at the end of he party!! The studio itself was really nice, small but very cozy and welcoming if that is the right word for the description. Anyway, everything that I mentioned earlier are snapped in the photos so don't be hasty and take a look! And if you live in Kaunas or Lithuania, don't be shy to pay a visit there! 

I wear pink in Spring

Got to say a big thanks to Bliss by Violeta for giving me a chance to look extra stylish with the pinky coat from the latest collection! I am in love with the pastel pink shade that it has. It shines with the elegance and finesse! To complete the outfit I felt like adding my hilarious tote bag as well as the Accessorize scarf. Colourful details like these usually provides that contrast which is needed in order to make  the look more interesting and eye catching. 

Denim blazer and maxi dress in black

Just after the week of an enormous amount of rest that I got, I can't even tell in words how much work awaits for me in the coming weeks.
But moving on to my super busy Monday which was all about meeting my friend and heading to the fittings just after that for the upcoming store opening! You can check some of the shots I took on my instagram: evamacij and here you can see the look I chose to wear for this pretty busy kind of day. As the weather got a lot warmer(basically like the spring is supposed to be), it was a perfect chance to pull out the denim jacket I got from Sammydress.com Thanks guys! It is a perfect piece to wear if you want to have that stylish effortless look. Just look what happens when you wear it together with black maxi dress. 


Spring!! Finally, I can wear a little lighter clothes and don't worry about catching a cold after shooting for my blog. As weather got slightly warmer I couldn't dress anything else except for my Mickey hoodie.This  thing is so fun to wear. It is a lot funner to do when wearing my fur scarf together as the look gets extra bright and just screams for attention. Not that I complain though.
To finish the look, maybe flare jeans + Nike sneakers giving that swaggy city look will do. And don't forget the extra long coat for that hippie touch!

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