What's trendy? The septum earring

Most of you must have already heard of this new trend situation going on here, some of you might have even tried it already. Yes, just as the tittle suggests it's not just any cheesy trend but it's the septum earring which has come back and is now on the highlight of the street fashion. This Indian based stylish detail was first introduced to the world in 70's, ten years later it came back as the iconic rock jewel and was extremely popular among american hippie community. Nowadays it's even possible to take this into the whole other level and make the septum earring look at its finest even in the elegant shape. (original article)

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  1. very stylish! :)


  2. Buliaus žiedai pernelyg netraukia, o bet tačiau noriu pagirt už nuotraukas ir koliažus - nerealiai. Dievinu tokius, daugiau!


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