Extra shots from A. Kuzmickaite fashion show

So far I haven't given you more information about my latest fashion show that I had taken part in. Well first of all it was my second show ever if you don't count times when I was walking on catwalk myself. So it was super duper exciting day for me! I saw some pieces from Kuzmickaite's previous collections and I agree it was really astonishing so I was really interested in what she will show on her newest spring/summer collection! 
One word...Butterflies...butterflies everywhere. At least one thing doesn't change in her collections. 
In this one also we could see some, and in common collection was simple yet elegant and 
 had that scent  of femininity  Anyway, I'm glad that I was there and saw everything live! It was a big new experience again so it made me really happy! 

Vilnius, Lithuania

A. Kuzmickaite s/s 2014

Today I've prepared for you some photos from the A. Kuzmickaite fashion show that took part in Vilnius two days ago. All of these photos were taken by the photographers for press so I do not own any of them. 

The collection itself was simple but full of elegance and femininity. To know more about collection wait for tomorrow's post. 

Vilnius, Lithuania

Red dress and roses

Good evening, guys! Yesterday I visited Vilnius for a fashion show. Later I'll let you know more about it. For my outfit I decided to wear my red velvet dress and to finish my look I decided to add my red roses headband that I made by myself!
 I actually don't like that D.I.Y thing, but this headband was my wish for so long so I couldn't resist to do one for myself! How does it look?

Happy Valentine!

Finally the day full of love came in Lithuania as well! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you will have a warm and cozy evening with your beloved ones.
For today I chose to wear quite a romantic look with some red details.
In the early morning I received a gift from my mom. It was a lovely heart-printed blouse from She Inside that I just adore! And besides that I decided to add my new vintage headband which I'd received from Ebay.

Raining all day

I hope it will stop raining soon. Lately weather in Lithuania is really changeable so it's hard to decide what to wear. Well anyway, when you go  to the art classes you don't need put on something extraordinary. Something simple and cozy will fit perfectly. Didn't you notice that in winter my looks were kinda black?

Instagram Goodies: January

Finally the last month of Winter came and slowly weather is getting warmer and days are getting sunnier. Today let's just check my Instagram goodies of the previous month. There aren't many, thought. And obviously I wasn't sharing that much with you on my facebook page lately, so those who don't have an instagram account or aren't following me probably haven't seen the latest news of my daily life! So here you go my Instagram snapshots of January.

My Persunmall.com wishlist

Today I present you my Persunmall.com wishlist.
It consists from three parts. First one would be clothes that I just couldn't resist to. The second part is all about accessories and jewellry and the last one would be about the extra clothes that I came back to check again.

P.S. If you hadn't heard about Persunmall before let me introduce it to you. It's an online clothing store that sells cool clothes and accessories and in general the price is not high at all so most of you shouldn't worry about such things and just start picking some nice clothes right now. You can check Persunmall.com anytime on the left side of my blog!

On my way to the Theater

Good evening or should I say good night, my dears! It's kinda late here in Lithuania, but I just must to share photos that was taken on my way to the theater today. 
I actually really like to visit theaters sometimes. This time I had to go with my class to the Drama theater and sincerely I didn't like it. It was too dramatic for me and boring at the same time. 
Maybe because it's Sunday. I really hate Sundays, because knowing that tomorrow is time to school  doesn't comfort me at all. After four days of break it's even harder to leave my bed on these cold winter days!

Red lips, dark eyes

Hello, lovelies! Today I participated in a dance contest together with a dance group! It was so nice to dance after a year full of practices! Now it's time to shine! Well I couldn't say it went as good as I'd expected but it was good. It's the same contest as it was one year ago. You can see me near the same yellow wall here too, haha. 

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