Extra shots from A. Kuzmickaite fashion show

So far I haven't given you more information about my latest fashion show that I had taken part in. Well first of all it was my second show ever if you don't count times when I was walking on catwalk myself. So it was super duper exciting day for me! I saw some pieces from Kuzmickaite's previous collections and I agree it was really astonishing so I was really interested in what she will show on her newest spring/summer collection! 
One word...Butterflies...butterflies everywhere. At least one thing doesn't change in her collections. 
In this one also we could see some, and in common collection was simple yet elegant and 
 had that scent  of femininity  Anyway, I'm glad that I was there and saw everything live! It was a big new experience again so it made me really happy! 

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