Instagram Goodies: January

Finally the last month of Winter came and slowly weather is getting warmer and days are getting sunnier. Today let's just check my Instagram goodies of the previous month. There aren't many, thought. And obviously I wasn't sharing that much with you on my facebook page lately, so those who don't have an instagram account or aren't following me probably haven't seen the latest news of my daily life! So here you go my Instagram snapshots of January.

New Year's Eve, Preparing for a movie evening, Photo from my blog archive, Remembering my outfit choice for the J.S. fashion show, Doing homework and eating muffins and drinking hot chocolate, On my way to the modeling casting, Straight to the McDonalds just after casting, Doing homework for Russian language class.

Meanwhile in the Zara fitting room, Hot chocolate pie at the new Asian restaurant, Going to the Old town to meet my friends, wearing my panda hat, Photo from my blog, Morning with cheesecake that my mother made and coffee, Me at school totally bored, Preparing for a Chemistry test late at night with some night snacks, Remembering the summer and the sun heat that I've missed so much!! Eating muffins again, this time with an apple tea!

Me and my sis while waiting for bus to arrive, the quote of the day, Movie night with my sis and my love Smilte, Photoshop class, Me and my twin sister and we are totally not alike, muffins muffins muffins...
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