My wishlist

Today I present you my wishlist.
It consists from three parts. First one would be clothes that I just couldn't resist to. The second part is all about accessories and jewellry and the last one would be about the extra clothes that I came back to check again.

P.S. If you hadn't heard about Persunmall before let me introduce it to you. It's an online clothing store that sells cool clothes and accessories and in general the price is not high at all so most of you shouldn't worry about such things and just start picking some nice clothes right now. You can check anytime on the left side of my blog!

Leopard print backpackSequins clutchVintage shoulder bagflower braceletRhinestone necklaceBohemian necklace.

Dress, dress No2, Red dress, black jumpsuit, Retro T-shirt, Bird print skirt.

Red dress, Denim coat, Green dress, Black dress, Beige skirtTwo piece suit.
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