Vilnius, Lithuania

Office look by Claire

We are coming to an end with my Claire look series. One more outfit is to be expected in a couple of days, so wait for it. And as I have already introduced to you what Claire is and I even started to post the sequence of looks one after another to show you what kind of styles and clothes  Claire can offer you. If you follow my blog regularly, you could have already seen the feminine, the elegant, and even the comfy one, suitable for traveling. Now I feel like  it's time to move on to the next one which is all perfect for hard working, business women who got to spend their time at the office. The ones who like the smart look, but are not necessarily the office kind of person my like this one too. Take me, for instance, I don't get to sit at office rooms very often but this style, like many other does appeal to me.
The best part of it I think it's fabric which makes the garment worth buying.
If you like this look and may one to check it with your own eyes, feel free to visit Claire in Vilnius, Europe PC department store (II floor).

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  1. Nice set!

  2. wow, looks so nice! I like to wear something like this too)


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