Socks and hats - it's winter

I'm so happy with my new cap which is not so new as I got it as a present a year ago, though it's my first time wearing it. So let's just say it is new one. Winter gets colder and colder these days so I feel like my ears are going to fall off. Hat is definitely a must in winter! It looks good as an accessory and keeps your head warm.
Another thing you must not forget to wear is over knee socks, especially if you are a girl who likes to wear tights in winter time. Last days my legs were literally freezing so in the end I decided that I'm not going to leave my house without socks on.

Tally Weijl Christmas shoot Backstage

Good morning dears. Remember me  showing you the photos of our Tally Weijl Christmas shooting
Today I want to come back to that topic again and show you some shots taken in backstage. Also I must remind you that all photos were taken by Mark&Migle.
This shoot was extremely fun  as we got a chance to design our outfits by ourselves and at the same time eat so many sweets that were provided by Donut lab and Veri Beri. Everything was so fun and exciting that I won't forget it for a long time!

Milly Bridal UK/ Wedding dresses

Hello my sweethearts. Today I'll stop posting about outfits that I am wearing and events I am currently attending and I will go back to the collaboration part.
I have posted so many wedding dresses containing articles already, but I still can't stop. As I myself got a chance to dress up with one and walk on runway I can tell how amazing it is to wear one, though I am not getting married or something. As I have been collaborating with some of the bridal e/clothing stores for some years now I can imagine how difficult it is to choose the right one as there are so many of them in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Today I want to introduce you, guys, to . Again, it is an online clothing store focusing on selling dresses for special occasions such as wedding, prom, birthday parties and much much more. Today I am going to talk about wedding occasion and and the wedding dresses uk collection that is provided by Millybridal.
Okay, so in the previous this type of posts I  have been always mentioning terms such as A line and mermaid dresses without even explaining what types of dresses are these  I realized  that maybe I should go more into details this time. So let me show you, guys, the list of my favorite dresses in different shapes.

Tally Weijl Christmas Collection

People who are following me on Instagram and Facebook may know already that I together with my sister was invited to take part in Tally Weijl Christmas collection shooting! I was so happy about it, I couldn't wait for the shoot! As you may know, with Tally Weijl we are on cooperative terms for a long time now so it's always nice to get in touch from time to time.
Today I'm so excited to show you the photos which were taken by Mark&Migle. If you are curious about make up I must tell you that it was all done by

Kaunas, Lithuania

Christmas lights

 On those lovely Sunday evenings I usually take a walk with my friend in the town center.
I especially like December evenings with those lights around you. It keeps that Christmas spirit, doesn't it?

My Christmas Wishlist from Vinted

Good evening, readers. Vinted asked me to make a wishlist for Christmas and I gladly accepted it. It's really nice to do this kind of post especially because I didn't plan on doing it this year at all. However, it's Christmas soon and we all need to wish for something, right? This year my Christmas wishlist is all about so in order to find out what kind of clothes I chose from their e/store read below. :)

Kaunas, Lithuania

Winter Sweetheart

What can I say. An ordinary winter day. On this weekend - escaping gloomy school routine and work, that I have to do, and trying to enjoy my time in the town center. Feeling happy because Christmas mood is all around me.

Gėda Pelėda POP UP store opening

Yesterday I was invited to the  opening of the new store in Vilnius. The truth is, 8 to go store, which I'm currently working with, presents a new brand of handbags in their shop and it will be in stock for six weeks. It's Gėda Pelėda handcrafted bags that I'm talking about and believe me guys, it is amazing. High quality leather bags in any size including clutches and backpacks created by Kristina Lisauske.

The whole evening was super great, I took a many photos and I hope you guys will see it. 

Kaunas, Lithuania

First evening of December

I  have missed December so much! Streets that are lighted by the Christmas bulbs all those decorations around the corners of the shops, which give you that Christmas feeling. I love those December evenings the most!

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