The last day of Autumn

I hope you are ready for December, because I am. And Christmas spirit is all around me! 
Yesterday was perfect weather. Not windy or too cold. Streets and shops were decorated with all the Christmas decorations and the avenue was full of the Christmas bulbs. The reason why I was out yesterday night, was because of my friend Kamile's birthday! I had so much fun! 
And today in the city hall the biggest Christmas tree in the city is supposed to be lighten! And it happens that I'll be there too!
So just like me, have a great last day of Autumn!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Random shots from J.S. s/s 2014

Hello there! Today I want you to see some random shots I took with my phone while I was in J.S s/s 2014 fashion show. Hope you guy like it. 
You can also see me with my complete look for fashion show with my new heels from Centro. I had bought them in Vilnius. And I've already told you that it was unexpected purchase. Anyway, I'm really happy about them and I think I'll use them once more in the future.

For outfit details check my last post!

Vilnius, Lithuania

On my way to J.S Fashion Show

On late Sunday evening in Vilnius, I've participated in one of the biggest fashion shows in Lithuania. It was Juozas Statkevicius (eng.Josef Statkus) Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
It was my first fashion show and it was so exciting!! The collection was really inspiring. Classic mixed with some details that comes from Japanese culture. I'm planning to show you more photos from the collection on the coming post! So stay tuned!
For my first fashion show I decided to wear my sparkling leggings from Romwe and my fur coat from SheInside. We had some free time before the show so we decided to explore the city and take some photos. Later on I've changed my ankle boots into my new heels that I bought one hour before the show. There was a small incident that happened with my heels that were supposed to come with me to Vilnius. Anyway, I can never get bored of shoes and there always be a place in my closet, which is one of the reasons I'm so happy about my new purchase!

Cozy Autumn look

Today me and my sister went out to do some research through the shopping center. Our dance group had  to buy our dance outfits so we were looking for them all day. Going through all the clothing stores again again and again. Finally I'm back. I'm so tired. Waiting for that moment to get to my bed.
Tomorrow also is going to be a long day. From early morning going to the shopping center, going to the dance rehearsal and then meeting my girls from dance group and going to watch a movie, which could be a really big help for our new show dance.

Hair seminar from behind

Good evening, readers. Today I finally got to show you more photos from Barex Italiana seminar. You already have seen photos from this post. Those were originally the final photos and now let me show you how the whole seminar went.
 All photos were taken by Algirdas Mazeika.

Me on SwO magazine

Barex Italiana seminar

This post is about a hair seminar I attended last weekend. It was held by my hairdresser and the president of Barex Italiana. I've attended there as a model and it was my very first seminar so it was really exciting. I had such an amazing experience to work with these people out there.
Today I'm going to show you photos from the shoot  after the seminar. And soon you'll also see photos from the seminar. So stay tuned and be ready for more photos and news!

All the hairstyles were done by Italian Artistic Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo and technicians: Paola Cattane, Angela Formaro and here was also Events Coordinator Paolo Machi.

All photos were taken by Algirdas Mazeika. If you want to see more photos, visit their original facebook page and also original Lithuanian page.


Finally I'm at my home, laying in my bed while doing little online shopping with a cup of green tea and chocolate cookies. Feeling super lazy after such a long day! Six lessons at school, then meeting my friend in the old town. Talking about unnecessary things.
Today I had a chance to wear my new blouse from SheInside. It is actually a summer blouse (cropped top) and it's shame on me cause I had realized that only at the time I got this thing, but I've found a way out and tucked it under the skirt. I think I did great by doing so. What do you think? 

Me on Style Magazine

Two days ago I got one more surprise! I found myself on Lithuanian  Style magazine.
It was an article about Design Days in which we had participated not too long ago. 
Me with extraordinary black&white coat made of melted plastic and having school girl's image. 
The best memories with the best team! This one little surprise really made my day!

Fashion show

Today I finally get to show you photos from various sites and photographers, who took part in Design Days and took some pictures of us walking on runway. I found some awesome photos and I can't wait you to see them.
Some photos are in poor quality because files were too small and I extended them so hope you don't mind it too much.

Design Days

So this is the post I was talking about yesterday. Some backstage photos I took myself and some my outfit photos with my extraordinary make up from the first collection. 

Early in the morning!

No make up and no pretty hair. Yup, it's me on early Friday morning! Heading to the old cinema in the city center, where 'Design Days' was supposed to begin. I actually was planning to show you all photos that I took both of my outfit and backstage but there were so many of them that I decided to split this post into two parts. This one is about my outfit and tomorrow the next part will be about backstage photos that I took myself. Don't forget the direct shots from catwalk and photos that were taken by photographers during the show. It's all going to be shown next week!

Sparkling Me!

Finally, I'm at home writing this post to you. Today I participated in one show in which I've participated last year. See the show from last year on this post!
So today again from early morning running to the beauty salon with no make up to do my hair with two other girls and after that going to the Arena, where show was supposed to begin. I had a grate chance to demonstrate wedding dresses again! While we were preparing I used my time and took photos for my blog!


There are so many Instagram pictures of this month so I decided to show you just a few. For more visit my official Instagram account: @EvaMacij. And for daily updates follow me on Instagram!

Black clothes on rainy day

Today it started to rain again. But before knowing that I dressed in leather jacket and in case it will get too cold I put on my fur vest too. Simple Autumn look. It was a moody day so black clothes were just in time!


Today I met my friend and my sister. We spent our Saturday in the restaurant with some desserts, then we did a little shopping. It was nice and relaxing. Autumn holidays is coming to the end and it's really sad but school is really near and this thought drives me crazy. For today I chose to wear my new golden sweater that I just love! I bought it online. I also add my new leggings. It wasn't so cold today so I was happy about my choice. What do you think about my outfit? Comment below. 

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