Enjoy the sixteenth, Mil!

So as I said you before, in one post, that I was in my friend Milginte's birthday. It was two weeks ago.
Birthday was in her house. Nothing special, just tasty pizza, fried chicken and champagne! (I love it)
So finally I got the photos. And I'll show you many, many photos from that day.
Enjoy the sixteenth, Mil!xo

Ride on the horse

Some days ago was my friend's birthday. Her party was in the stud farm. First time in my life I had chance to ride on a horse by myself. Feeling was amazing. I want to try it again, because manage a horse... that feeling... It is amazing!
You can see my outfit and photos now!
(By the way, I was with my new LINDEX sweater)!!!

Photos with dance outfits

So this is one more advertisement. This time with our dance group dance outfits. The photo shoot was in village (I think so) near the planes. The add is necessary to television. You see, sometimes we dance in television shows. They have to know how we look with our clothes (Dance clothes).

All day all night!

A few days ago we had guest in our house (Our-me and my sister). Our friend Marta came to our house and we had all day and all night together. Time was amazing. We took some photos together. Some of them are really funny. I want to show you all, but it's too much for you. (cause later you'll have a nightmare) haha

Advertisement for the dance group

So now long-awaited post! Advertisement for the dance group. Photos looks good. I want you to see it. In one post I spoke about my make up for this advertisement. And here we are! (We are in the skate park.)I hope you like it. 
P.s. I'm with pink leggings and my sister with red pants. That's all. Good week, guys! :)

Photos from September 1

So finally I can show you my photos from September 1. You know, first I had to sow you my photo shoot/11 photos. But now you can see photos from September. So the first September day was the same as over school days except without no lessons. We take part in the city. Spent our hours with ice cream coctails. Day was really good.

The last outfit of photoshoot/11

So the last outfit of this 2011 photo shoot. And one more new! Yesterday I got my photos for "Demo Junior" (My dance group) ad. And you don;t know something. That I was in one more photo shoot with my dance outfits. (Photos you will see soon too) So keep waiting.

Next photo of photo shoot/11

Sooo the next one... In black background  this one.

The next outfit

For today post I show you the fifth photo shoot/11 outfit.
Do you want to see more photos? It's almost the same as the last outfit (Fourth outfit), but the accessories are  different. I mean beige color scarf looks good with my dress from Italy.

PHTS/11 Fourth outfit

Todays post, fourth outfit...

Little black dress. PHTS/11

So this is my third outfit. I thought that some pink and black is really good choice. How about little black dress?
Wanna see?

Photo shoot/11 second outfit

This post had to appear tomorrow. But tomorrow will be my friend's birthday (Photos will appear soon), so I can't do it then. 
The second outfit you can see here now!

Photo shoot/11 First outfit

You probably don't know that I had one more photo shoot. This is not advertising like other photo shoot. This photo shoot is held every year. So two days ago I had it. Photo shoot was prepared in photo studio like last year. 
Anyway I want to show you all my outfits in this photo shoot, which was prepared by model agency DEIMA
So my first outfit...

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