Green place

Here you go another outfit of the day all in violet shade! Thanks  Closte Clothes for dressing me this chic! Can not be more excited! Love the leather pieces in this outfit and the mint bracelet which made this look even brighter. 

Rapallo GE, Italy


I finally made myself collect all  the instagram photos (not really) and wrap it all up with the final travelling post - Instasnap moments (Italian edition). I usually do this every time I come back from the trip and, you know just to finish the series I publish it for the dead end (till another trip arrives).
Anyway, I'm so late with this article as I should have posted this at the beginning of June, but yeah, like they say 'better late than never'. So here you go my precious,  ultra stylish, not so private moments from my latest travel to Milano and then Rapallo.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Boyfriend jeans for a busy week

Lately I was absent on the daily posting on my blog since I have been attending a lot of meetings regarding our new project with 
Therefore, I started shooting outfits like crazy since last week and I think you will get a lot o to read about in the near future (not to mention about my everyday ootd posts) because I have prepared a whole bunch of projects including shoots, events and traveling. So don't even think about 'the end of summer'. Get a grip because everything has just started!

Oh and while I didn't forget, here you go my new casual self during the early morning meetings. I'm always trying to enjoy every minute of my life so getting back to the city center and grabbing my favorite Indian Chai tea has become a big part of my current 'busy blogging, busy living' life.  

Kaunas, Lithuania

pink overload

Whenever I find a chance to wear some colours, I grab it, because as you may already know I'm a black&white type of person myself and you can rarely see me wearing bright colours from head to toe. This is why, right now I am so excited to share those awesome photos of me wearing pink&white clothes and looking so colourful and so so pinky. Go to Closte Clothes boutique to find your right colour!

Kaunas, Lithuania

What about metallic sandals for summer?

Good evening my dears! Finally finally I received those awesome sandals for summer! I purchased them at Asos. It looked just flawless so I couldn't possibly pass them by!! My last sandals were those awesome black sparkly missguided sandals you probably have seen a multiple of times on my blog so far. Anyway, I decided that one pair of those in my wardrobe sounds quite cheap as I call myself a huge sandal lover! So receiving those Asos goodies was a total delight for me! And finally finally they're on my blog for you to see. 

Kaunas, Lithuania

Step by step

Here is another outfit of the day and this time there are some dark colours dominating the whole look. It seems that I still can't get over black as well. Just like me after all. Anyway, all the nice clothes are from Closte Clothes boutique.
So check their facebook page for more goodies!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Full of flowers by CLO

In the last post I mentioned about my latest obsession with all the flowers and bright colours. So guess what? Here is my whole new look for you and it's all inspired by flowers and is full of flowers withing itself. Don't get me wrong. I'm a classic combination - black and white lover myself, but it's just that I like to try some new looks sometimes, especially on summer and the brighter the look the better it is! Hope you guys don't stick with black for too long either! It's summer! Try something more colourful. It's fun!
Thank you Closte Clothes for the colourful look of today!

Floral Sandals

Today I made a quick outfit shots with my lovey dovey sandals I got from Deichmann.
Loving them so much! Recently I am so inspired by the roses and all the other flowers that pink, white, red  colours are definitely my favorites this month!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Print mixture

As days in Lithuania got warmer I decided to take all my skirts out from the back of my closet and just forget all the trousers for a moment. To make my look more colorful I came to a conclusion to mix some of the prints. The bohemian one mixed together with the snake pattern seemed to be the best decision so far.

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