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Let me introduce you to online clothing store DressShop. Another amazing place where you can order dresses online, some of them for free shipping! And now it's a great time to do that, because plenty of dresses are on sale right now.

Black lacy bodysuit

Today I present you a few photos of me with my black bodysuit from Boohoo and black skirt. Combined together they kinda look like a dress. This is actually one of my favorite outfit for castings. It's simple and black. And you know how much I love black.Today's little post is going to end like this. I have to go and do my homework while it isn't too late.

ModCloth weekly Polyvore outfit Challenge


Good evening, dears.
Today I'm participating in the weekly Polyvore outfit challenge, which was organised by Modcloth!
If you haven't heard about the ModCloth before I'm telling you, guys, that the most unique and vintage style clothes you can order online from them anytime! It ships internationally so no worries! They have a big selection of clothes even for those who wear a plus size clothes. I can't not to mention the variety of dresses that they sell! Really, you should check it right now.

This week's dress is a Palette on parade dress that is just charming! You can order it online for 124.99$ in any size you want!
I just love the unique design this dress has and I decided to create a colorful girly look for the coming Spring by adding some more adorable clothes that Modcloth sells!

One Winter Day

I had a great day today! Well it's so sunny lately and I can't help it but my mood depends on the weather so I was really in a good mood. I started my day from early morning, going to the Art class and then spending time in the old town, finally coming home and watching TV show with a cup of green tea. Such an awesome winter day! 

Personality Style Challenge

I got some news for you guys! I was contacted by Brilliant Earth and I was invited to participate in the Challenge called 'Personality Style'. I found it really great and decided to participate without waiting anything! This is a  great chance to express myself and make a combination with one of those Brilliant Earth jewellry pieces!

Brilliant Earth is a company that sells some amazing splendid things that all the girls like. Their forte consists from diamonds and engagement rings. And if you visit their page I'm sure you'll find something you really like. We're talking about diamonds after all!

It's Snowing After All

Today was such a cold day!! Finally, it's snowing in Lithuania and unfortunately I hate it! So cold?
My leopard fur coat from Ebay was such a big help for  today, as well as my Ugg Australia shoes which were perfectly comfy and warm! One of my usual outfits for you, guys, and here we go!

Black is my color

Finally after a long and hard week I had a chance to spend my Sunday with my friends. On this rainy and moody day my outfit was quite well matched. All black except my brown bag from Mango.
Wearing my: SheInside coat, Missguided ankle boots, Reserved scarf, Tally Weijl skirt. I got for you a bunch of photos today!

Nerd style

Finally I can show you photos from two days ago taken while going to meet my friends. 
Decided to mix my *Aztec print sweater with a white blouse and add the gold necklace at the end. Feeling so nerd right now.:D 

Messy hair and cozy outfit

Weather got cooler these days in Lithuania so the ankle boots and slim coats I had to change into the Ugg shoes and warm fur coats. This day was so unexpected to me. My friend visited me and then we went to get some coffee and just spend the evening there. My Holidays is going to the end and it drives me crazy, so evenings like that really warms me up! 

Meeting New Years: 2014

Today Is  the first day of 2014! So today lets open a new page and start all again, do our best, never give up, dream, achieve something and just finish what we have already started. 
So the first post of this year is going to be about how I met my 2014! And yeah, it was a calm evening with just my sister and my friend Gerda, but it was really fun.Starting from our dinner in the town hall, tea, movies and chitty chats at our house and Meeting New years with fireworks at the end. 
My 2013 review post is going to be tomorrow so don't miss it, guys! And now it's quite late here so I'm hurrying to my bed.

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