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Let me introduce you to online clothing store DressShop. Another amazing place where you can order dresses online, some of them for free shipping! And now it's a great time to do that, because plenty of dresses are on sale right now.

They sell dresses behind the six categories. 
The first category is full of wedding dresses. If you wonder about the color besides white there are also ivory, bright cream colors. And if we talk about the shape of the dresses, well you won't have to worry because they have all of them: A-line, Ball Gown, Empire, Mermaid, Sheath and so on... you could also find a lot of styles including vintage ones! The price seeks from 200$ to 400$.
All the Brides must have their bridesmaids so there are also a separate category for them and for those who are just participating in the wedding party
They sell a various of dresses just for the mothers of the bride and there are also a big selection of them.
And I shouldn't forget the bridesmaid  dresses and some examples of them I grabbed right from their page!

If you are looking for a prom dresses you should check their page too, because they have a lot of them. And there a different styles for all kind of ladies so picking one shouldn't be a problem at all. 
Starting from  the sparkly ones and ending with the laces... long and short. All the dresses has their own color chart with at least ten colors in it that is super cool. Too bad I have to pick just four examples from their page. These dresses are so adorable, however to check more of them you have to click the link above. 
Now it's time for my most favorite category ever! The evening dresses! You must check, guys! There are a bunch of the most fabulous dresses I've ever seen. Really. These four you can see below are my favorites I've picked so far. They surrender the sexiness and the elegance and in one word they are just Fabulous!
And the last two categories are left. Starting from the Cocktail dresses I could say that apart from the fact that this category consists of only 3 pages, there are the most cute and super hot mini dresses that I have ever seen. Some of them I picked up to show you, guys! 
These dresses as well as dresses from other categories you can buy in a plus size as well. Isn't that great?
And to finish this post I should mention you the last category, where you can find dresses for a special occasions like dates, birthdays, homecoming evening and so on...

As you can see in this post I pretty much acquainted you with the DressShop
You saw some examples of dresses from all the categories, however here are far from everything. 
If you are interested visit their page and see for yourselves. Don't let the perfect moment go and look fabulous in the upcoming events and parties, girls!
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