End of July

Today was such a good day! I had a picnic with my friends. We bought some refreshments and found a place in the shade of the tree near the river. Day was really awesome!!!
And tomorrow I will visit Poland. I'm going to see Madonna's concert in Warsaw. 
I'll take for you some pictures!

Just An Ordinary Day

Hey there! Today I was spending my time with my sister and my friend in the city. Later on we went in the cinema. Well, it was just an ordinary day of summer. These are my favorite ones! Spending time and doing nothing :D

I wore: FOREVER21 shirt
H&M shorts

Beige and mint

Well, this time I already knew how to dress. This dress was already in my mind. And those heels. I think they would make this look more colorful and powerful.
Today was really sunny and I was happy because this dress made my day..

Sunday with coffee and Muffin

Today I finally went out with my friend. I really missed her and finally we met in my favorite Cafe in the city. 
I ordered today's frappe  which was mint, strawberries and chocolate flavor and Chocolate muffin with cherries! It's summer and I like to enjoy it! I mean NO diets!

Todays Outfit with Mint colors

I didn't say to you how much I love mint color and all the clothes with this shade. 
Well this color was in my must have list since early spring. 
And I can surely say that this color is one of the hottest trends in this season!
I just adore this color ♥!


It's July already.Time passes quickly and it's not much holidays left. I didn't have much time to write, because all month I was working. 
Yesterday I was with my friends in the city (finally!!!!). We were in the restaurant. Because we had not seen each other for a long time, we had many things to discuss. I was glad about yesterday. And tomorrow I'm going to meet my friend and buy her a birthday cupcake... I have big plans for August too:)) Keep reading...

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