Match things that doesn't match

The new trend of the season is mismatching clothes. All you have to do is to wear clothes and prints that doesn't match at all and look fashionable. I've never wear something like this before, but today I decided to try it myself!

P.S. you can see a new page above! It's called Youtube and it will take you to our youtube page, where you will see my and my sister's videos!

We love blogging

Together with my sister we a blogging for a long time now. It started  with a little bit of curiosity and writing about anything. Now blogging is a huge hobby to us and our blogs are like diaries in which we write and immortalize our every day style, travels, food and friends. Now we are even getting a chance to see the latest fashion shows in Lithuania and we're cooperating with various stores and e/stores. Getting where we are now wasn't easy, it took a lot of of our time and nerves, but also it gave us those chances to know the fashion more and get into the fashion industry. For what happens next, we don't really know. All we know is that now and in the nearly future we don't plan to stop blogging and we will continue to share our moments and ideas with the rest of you.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Just Playing Around

Yesterday all day I spent in Vilnius. We had a dance contest there and then we had a lot of free time so we were exploring and just playing around  the city. It was really sunny and warm day.
For my outfit I chose something comfy and simple and I didn't regret it later. We found a beautiful place to take photos so I couldn't help but take so many of them...

During the L.Salasevičius fs/14

Finally I can show you the photos that I took during the fashion show of L. Salasevičius, the Lithuanian designer. I also took some runway photos, for you to see how the collection  looked like. It was called 'Show' and I think the name really matches the clothes. The models this time were the famous women from Lithuania such as pop stars and other famous TV stars.

For the outfit details click here!

Project with Etiquette Magazine

Today I want to share some photos from project together with a new fashion e-magazine Etiquette. There was a little shoot with their team a while ago, hope you like the photos. In those you can also see my sister! 
P.S.Stay updated and wait more news from our collaboration.

Colors is what I need

This Sunday was also full of activities to me. It's good cause it attracts me and doesn't let me concentrate on the desperation I have because of the coming school days...
However, all weekend weather was really good as well as my mood. This time I was inspired by colors and remembered my floral leggings. I felt like I must wear it!

Kaunas, Lithuania

The nostalgic scent

The start of this weekend was really warm. I mean, weather in Lithuania got really hot, and it pretty much feels like summer to me. I was so used to cold Spring days that I almost forgot what to wear on the warmer days. 
To me this Saturday was really unexpected. My friend invited me to the park near the river to do a picnic and that moment when I realized how warm it is I actually didn't know what to wear that fits with the weather and the nature. So I just grabbed my sparkling dress that I love so much and headed out.
This dress you can also see in this post. I was wearing it together with my blue bag and blue sandals, keeping that blue atmosphere. And also I clearly remember taking this beauty with me to Mallorca. So for an evening look click here and for the ootd right here!

Vilnius, Lithuania

L. Salasevičius collection SHOW

It's just me, all classy, going to the Mister Salasevičius, Lithuanian designer, fashion show. 
Wearing my new skirt, blouse and heels and feeling fabulous as hell. Yep, that was my second plan I had in Vilnius. It was super awesome Friday for me!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Tally Weijl photoshoot for 'Panele'

Good morning, readers! As I told you before, yesterday I visited Vilnius because I had some plans there. And one of the plans was Tally Weijl new collection photoshoot for 'Panele' (eng. Lady) magazine. It was really fun and I had a great time since the very morning. I can't show you the photos for now but today I'm planning to show you some of the backstage photos. Well, word some maybe wrong this time, since there are so many of them.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Scottish Girl

Hello, everyone out there! I can't believe how fast the Holidays are going! 
Tomorrow I have some plans in Vilnius. I don't want to brag about it right now, but I promise, I will let you know tomorrow for sure! And today I tried on my tartan pattern skirt one more time. I really love it! It's fascinating and girlish and comfortable at the same time and I think it has that school girl look, don't you think so too? 

Looking kinda sporty

Today I decided to wear something comfy but again quite elegant as I always do. So for that 'sporty' feeling I used my converse shoes and it was so so comfortable today and I just loved it.

Tartan pattern on my skirt

Today I was up from early morning. Too bad outside was really windy so I had to take photos in the inside place. As you can see I'm wearing my new skirt, which is colored in tartan pattern. I don't really have many clothes in this style nor I always liked this print, but somehow I just fell in love the color of this one and wanted to have one myself!

Ripped Jeans for this Spring

Good morning dears!! Today was one more day being 17 years old, and it feels amazing! For today I chose simple look that includes ripped jeans, that isn't common to see on me, I know, but I just needed one pair for this Spring. I bought them online from Stylenanda and my purchase had to endure a long road since it doesn't ship to Lithuania. Well anyway, I got them not too long ago and I'm really happy about them. What do you think?

Seventeen B-Day Party

Two days ago I turned 17 years old and yesterday I had my B-Day party. It was held in the restaurant-hotel and only three my best best girls attended not my sister included. It was a really lovely evening with a lot of food. Too much food. Don't get me wrong. I love food! But this was too much even for me! Starting with Chinese hot dishes, then some desserts were needed so we were given a big plate of fruits and marshmallows with hot chocolate fondue. It was so tasty but we were so full that we couldn't even finish it all and then some tasty ice cream came. Some of us couldn't even touch it! 
All evening a loud and fun music was playing live and we even went to dance... 
However, when the sun set down we moved to our vintage room called Venice and there we found some other tasty snacks with red and white vine. We were talking, having fun, later we pulled out some popcorns and watched movies till it got so late and we thought we should probably get some sleep.

Super Sunday!

After such a good Sunday I'm ready to meet new week! It's super busy one. Many tests and other things after school... But the best thing is that it's the last week before Spring Holiday! I'm so so so happy and I also have a lot to tell you, guys, but let's find it out in other posts!

Now I represent you my Sunday outfit, which probably looks very alike with this one. That's because I was wearing my velvet headband together with my Persunmall blouse again.

Tally Weijl S/S 2014

Here we are, guys! I'm so excited to show you this post! As you heard before me and my sister had a shoot for Tally Weijl new collection! You can see our interview in the magazine right here!
There are a lot of photos so I'm showing you just a few. For more photos check right here!

The Simplicity

Today I  just want to share with you my simple, quite casual outfit which I was wearing in Art classes. Wearing my adorable coat from Zara together with my H&M shorts for the first time. I thin it matches pretty well.

Interview for the mag Mieste

I'm so excited to show you, guys, already published new issue of Lithuanian magazine "Mieste" (eng. In the City). And as you see, there is a interview of me and my sister! Feeling so exciteed!!

And also, can't wait for you to see more photos from the photoshoot for Tally Weijl, guys!

Persunmall wishlist for Spring!

Today I represent you my Persunmall wishlist for Spring! As you may know, it's the second one already. The first one you can find right here!
So, together with Spring more brighter colors come so my wishlist is full of colors this time.
It's really short, but the things in it are the ones I wish to have in this Spring!

P.S. If you don't know what the Persunmall is, well then let me explain it to you.
It's an online store as you may noticed and it ships worlwide! There are various of clothes and accessories and it's really cheap! Believe me, the price is affordable for everyone!

Welcome back, April

Today it's  finally the second, the best month of Spring! And I can't help it but miss summer even more! Weather is slowly getting warmer and more things to do there is in the city. You know, when it's cold you usually isolate yourself between four walls  or go somewhere inside, where it's warm.
Well, but now it's finally the time to come out and feel the fresh and sunny beginning of the Spring!

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