Good luck in the festival

HELLO, my dear readers. Much time has passed, but anyway I came back and prepared for you a new post.
Today I was with my friend Marta and my sister in the festival. Of course like always I will took some photos special for you, guys.

Lost in town

Today was awesome day, because I with my friend Agne were walked in old town.
 I have never been in this place. Well maybe many years ago, when I was young girl. But today I had a chance to remember the old times that was long, long ago. So I want to show you some photos from this day.

Picnic with good friends

A few days ago I was with my friends. We had a picnic together near the lake. We had amazing day together.  So I took some photos with me Christina and Auguste. I really want to show you it. Enjoy it!

I'm in pink TODAY!

Today I was with my TOP sister and my friend Aušra near the river. So before we had a shopping and after that we took place here. We took some photos in this place and spent a good time together. Like always I want to show you my photos with my new outfit. Later you can see it in LOOKBOOK
My new outfit was simple, floral and PINK. I love this color. I'ts so summery.


Today I want to show you my new outfit. I hope you like it. You already saw my spring coat (One of my favourites) and my shoes. You can see it twice, because my new outfit can't be without it.

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