Welcome to the Christmas Party

Finally finally it's that time of the year! 
To mood that Christmas spirit of yours I welcome you to check some photos of the Christmas Party and of course some looks that may inspire to create your own personal outfit in the coming days! The outfits were chosen and styled carefully by Lithuanian stylist Ernesta Jorude. (check the full article here to know all the tips and secrets)
Hope you guys having an awesome holidays! Mine winter holidays has already started so I may get into blogging so much during the coming days! And now that tomorrow is Christmas Eve which I can't believe because it's so unexpected, I can't wait for you to see the photos below!

Walking around like hippie

Indigo jeans, furry jacket and extra long tartan pattern shirt? For sure! The other side of me is coming out today! Love this cool yet effortless look? Then try for yourself! Just don't forget to tie your hair behind your head to make the hippie feel around you much stronger!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Juozas Statkevičius s/s 2016

Good evening dears! Let me show you something amazing today! The biggest fashion show of Lithuania took place in Vilnius some weeks ago and of course I happened to be there too. As Lithuania is known for having so many designers and fashion personas in general, I could say that Juozas Statkevicius is something that this small country should be especially proud of. I've been attending all of his shows for three years now and I can say that every time it really amazes me much more than ever before! This time was no exception. 

The event is attended by so many notable people of Lithuania as well as the most famous models such as Lithuanian supermodel and first ever Lithuanian to be a Victoria Secret model Edita Vilkeviciute who  opened and closed the whole show. It was so nice to see her rock the runway! 

At first glance you can see that this show is not an ordinary one. Even the name of the show talks for itself " Secret Life of JS" which later was changed to "Secret Life of Yours", which in my opinion could refer to everyone having their own personal secret life that they don't like to talk about. Well you can decide for yourselves what was all show about after watching the photos taken by Ramūnas Tanguris.

Eastern Europe

Handmade Jewellry Shooting

Finally I got to talk about this amazing shoot that happened some weeks ago in my favorite cafe! To go straight to the point I got to say that the shoot was all about jewellry, handmade on top of that. Every piece was so unique and original and just made me want to keep them all to myself. Sadly, not many people know about the designers that work really hard to create such masterpieces, that is why many of those goodies are left underrated and unnoticed at the end. This time a lot of notable women in Lithuania participated and made this event stand out much more. Thanks to Kurybos Podiumas people got a chance to know about this and even could get their hands on those beauties. Today I would like you to see the photos taken by the amazing Evelina Sumilovaite! (Source 15min.lt, lietuve.lt)

Let the imagination take over

Here we go, another styling project with Tryon.lt  Again we got a chance to challenge ourselves at styling, but this time we weren't dressing ourselves, instead we created some outfits for Simona! You  know, that Winter is such a trouble-making season, since you start panicking for not having enough clothes in your closet. But wait! It's not new clothes that you need, instead why not let the imagination take over? Less clothes, more imagination, right? 

Challenge yourselves! Take out the least worn clothes from the back of your closet and mix it together with the one you have bought recently! The result will be astonishing and will give so many new feels to your outfit! Also, don't forget the wearing methods! that's where all the secrets hides. Find another way to wear the same clothing pieces. For instance take an old hoodie or any sweater you have and instead of wearing it traditional way, wrap it around your neck just as a regular scarf. Play with its sleeves imitating ribbons or knots. Awesome right? 

Another thing that will make you stand out without wearing anything new - mix the textures! Don't be afraid to mix two or even four totally different textures that are not likely to match from the first glance. For example silk skirt, knitted sweater and woolen coat mixed together seems like it's mission impossible, but in fact. it's looks super dope. So girls, no more new clothes, extra expenses, but more imagination and effortless looks! (Read the original post here).

Winter lights

Finally it's Winter! It's time to pull out all the warmest clothes from the closet, since it's gonna be so cold in coming days. (I hope not). Today still enjoying the Autumn-like weather with a touch of glamour from Closte Clothes boutique. 
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