Now I want to show you new outfit. You can say it is outfit of the week or something else... but you know tat I'm not really active in these things. Really I don't have much time on my blog these days. However I'll do my best!
 Well now I want to say a few words about today's outfit: The main accessory is headwrap. You can buy it in the clothing, accessories stores or just order it online, but I'll tell you one thing: You can easy make it by yourself. You can make it in different colors. It's very easy. There is one thing you must have. It's scarf.

Just another French manicure

So you can see another manicure, which I made. It's really not a big deal. Just two colors. Made without sticker again...uh. The last days were awful! My dog was lost and I can't find him, but you know I think it will be better tomorrow or other day in the future. Because of this thing I didn't come out of my house. 

Well This manicure is more appropriate for summer. But I think it looks good even if it is winter.

Supersweet sweater

Heeey! Long time no see. And now I'm here, and I really missed all of you, guys!
Just one thing came up and I want to show you photos from yesterday. I with my dance crew were in the contest. You now, I really want to show you how I looked that day! 
The outfit was simple. But you know in Lithuania days became much colder and I'm really happy  that I have my supersweet LINDEX sweater! It's so warm, when I wear it! I like it so much! And Of course I can't forget my new UGG from Australia! I really like it! 
That's all today! See you soon! And of course...have a nice end of the weekend!

Remember the summer

Today I got the photos from my friend, which were taken in Italy. Now I understand how I missed summer. Hot sun, hot sand, cold water... So take a look into the photos! And I'm with my favorite summer blouse!!! Ah I really missed summer!

UGG Australia

You know, that I really like to eat sushi! The same day like always. Friends, restaurant, sushi, Japanese tea and gossip. Like always...relaxing weekend.
With my new UGGs from Australia!!! Christmas present!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Happy New Year!

Hello, dears. Sorry for no post a long time. I was on holiday. And now I have so many news and photos to show you. First of all I want to talk about how I spent my New year. I was in the capital Vilnius again. And I was there on time. 00.00 time when millions of fireworks were exploding in the sky. All the cathedral was full of people! It was amazing! Later I spent my time in club with friends. It was fun. 

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