Supersweet sweater

Heeey! Long time no see. And now I'm here, and I really missed all of you, guys!
Just one thing came up and I want to show you photos from yesterday. I with my dance crew were in the contest. You now, I really want to show you how I looked that day! 
The outfit was simple. But you know in Lithuania days became much colder and I'm really happy  that I have my supersweet LINDEX sweater! It's so warm, when I wear it! I like it so much! And Of course I can't forget my new UGG from Australia! I really like it! 
That's all today! See you soon! And of course...have a nice end of the weekend!


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  1. Hi there Eva! Thanks so much for your comment on my French manucure soul sister. ;) I did not know you were a dancer.. how interesting! I wanna see more dancing pictures then! Am following you on Bloglovin and also Liked your FB page. Happy blogging week and speak with you later!


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