Floral leggings&loose sweater

Yesterday I had so so many plans for this weekend. Unfortunately some of them had to be delayed, but I actually was really happy about my and my four classmates reunion, which we organized together. Just to meet and spend time together was the main point, but actually were was so many surprises  that I'm gonna keep to myself.  
So for yesterday's day I chose to wear my floral leggings that I love. And I mixed it together with my loose sweater which you had already seen so many times. So just let me know what you think about this outfit...:)

Simplicity is all about me

Maybe somebody of you already know, that I really like simplicity and I like to wear comfortable and simple stuff and create impressive combinations of my clothes. Well I guess you have noticed that. Of course sometimes, yeah, I also like to wear something spectacular and make an impression to everyone. 
However almost all my closet is full of simple and comfortable-wearing stuff. I don't hide I also have a part of my closet with all the extravagant clothes. We all, girls, do. However, the simplicity defines me perfectly, cause all my outfits are formed out of my very very simple clothes. and that's why it is so comfortable to wear and of course if we add some nice accessories, it would look quite impressive too.

While walking in the park

Good evening, sweeties! Today I finally met my most dearest friends and classmates after a long time. You know, summer break started so we couldn't meet very often lately. However today we had a really warm and deep conversation like we always have at such times like this. 
Well, I won't lie, today was a really moody day for me. Probably because of the weather. It was quite cloudy and windy. Well it actually was pretty good. It was the first summer day like this after all these hot days, however the weather outside has a tendency to affect my mood, so I'm pretty sure whom I should blame.

I felt happy about my today's choice. Stripped loose sweater and my favorite black skirt together with leather black ankle boots was a really comfortable combination. And I think it looked quite nice while walking in the park 

Sun Heat

Probably I don't need to tell you how hot it was today. Oh god, now I'm sitting in my room with a glass of cold water and I'm feeling so weak and tired. As you see for today I chose to wear my babe from Zara, probably because it's so easy to wear and it looks quite impressive. It is definitely my favorite summer dress!


Today was really hot day. I was really lucky I chose to wear something that really suits to wear at this hot day. Probably best choice for hot summer. It's my casual wear, just shorts and blouse. I kinda liked it, because it made me feel really comfortable. 

No accessories, no jewellry

For today I chose to wear my maxi skirt from H&M, which I just adore. It fits perfectly for days like this one. Hot summer days. And I kinda regretted for choosing my lovely hearted blouse, which is also from H&M. I felt really hot because of it. Today my choice was simple. As you see no accessories, no jewellry. It made me feel quite comfortable.. 

Pretty in Pink

Today I decided to get on the top of the church. The view from there is amazing. You can see all the city center from above. I really love it! 
And I was really excited about my new Louis Vuitton bag that I finally could wear. I really love that pink shade in my black outfit.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Sailor Girl

I really love striped clothes, you know. And that's why  I bought my new flats from Zara, which now I just adore! It was love at first sight. I knew I would get them, so I did. In Mallorca. I have no regrets now and I finally got to wear those stripped beauties. I also wore my blue H&M skirt and mixed it with denim jacket and white tshirt. My bag was also striped. It kinda made me feel like a sailor.

Super hot day

Today I just couldn't resist to take my fur vest with me. I totally love it! And today was super hot. So I was melting in my vest. However I always want to look good, so I just had to burn and bear with it! Of course, I took a chance and sat in the arbor and drank a lot of cold water. 

Neon Orange

I'm totally in love with neon colors. This time I chose orange shade.
 I think it looked quite good with my outfit. My hair is a total mess again... please, don't mind that.

Mint baby

It's just the beginning of summer, but it's so hot already in Lithuania, that you might die. Today I actually didn't think about what to wear I already knew that I'm gonna wear my mint baby. It looks like this dress is made special for days like this one.  

Blue Skirt&Blue Bag

Today was such a hot day! For some hours I decided to meet my friend in the city. I didn't expect such a hot  weather! Thank God I didn't take any jacket with me. 
However, outfit which I decided to wear fitted pretty well for today. 
There are days when I like to wear something comfortable and simple, but I want to look good too. So then I like to mix two colors. One as basic, not so eye-catching and another more brighter. And then goes all the accessories... 


1. Some fun shots with Kamile. 2. Going out to the city! 3. The view from the terrace of the Diablito restaurant. 4. New Manicure and rings from H&M. 5. Sitting in the Cappuccino restaurant in Playa de Palma.  6. Lunch in the Cappuccino restaurant. 7. Shopping in Mallorca. 8. Blogging in the evening. 9. Still blogging! My camera, purse from Reserved and dress from Zara. 10. First purchases in Mallorca! 11. Duff beer. 12. Me and my twin sister.  13. Me and Simona in Miss Kaunas 2013. 14. Girls in Miss Kaunas 2013. 15. Kamile's seventeenth birthday. 16. Feeling comfy. 

Vilnius, Lithuania

Summer colors

Yesterday I was in Vilnius again. We had one more dance competition there. Almost all the time I was in the building where the competition was held, thought I got some time to go to eat in the city. I used my chance and took some photos in the city center. Weather was really windy so my hair was a total mess. Just ignore this fact. However day was really hot. I was glad I finally got to wear something colorful! It's summer after all!

Rainy day of Spring

Yesterday was the last day of school! Well, at least it was to my friend Kamile. To me school is over for two weeks now. However, to celebrate that day we decided to meet in the city and just spend a day together. The first part of the day was really nice. We took a lot of photos! However, in the evening the storm showed up! It was raining like crazy! Because rain attacked us while we were going to the shopping center, we had to hide under the brom, but it wasn't going to stop, we thought and just went straight to the shopping center. 
So, yeah, we were all wet.  

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