While walking in the park

Good evening, sweeties! Today I finally met my most dearest friends and classmates after a long time. You know, summer break started so we couldn't meet very often lately. However today we had a really warm and deep conversation like we always have at such times like this. 
Well, I won't lie, today was a really moody day for me. Probably because of the weather. It was quite cloudy and windy. Well it actually was pretty good. It was the first summer day like this after all these hot days, however the weather outside has a tendency to affect my mood, so I'm pretty sure whom I should blame.

I felt happy about my today's choice. Stripped loose sweater and my favorite black skirt together with leather black ankle boots was a really comfortable combination. And I think it looked quite nice while walking in the park 

I was wearing: sweater from Primark, skirt from Tally Weijl, ankle boots from Stradivarius, necklace from Zara, rings from H&M.
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