Glacial sea

So, this post had to be posted some days ago. Sorry, I was so busy last days. Many homeworks and exams. Finally I can show you my photos from other city in Lithuania. It's named - KlaipÄ—da. City near the sea. I was there, because I participated in dance championship. With my dance crew of course. I had so much fun. Time really was awesome and I think, I'll show you more photos from my trips with dance crew from now on.

Have a nice evening!

Dance with umbrellas

So this video I found in YouTube. We danced in the city some days ago. And as I mentioned day was really cold. Remember my look? I was with electric blue coat and Burberry scarf.  
So, you can see our dance now :) 

P.S. 1:58 - you can see me

Black cat's eyes

Yesterday, I had a guest in my house. It was Emily. She stayed overnight. We didn't sleep until 7o'clock. And my make up that day was: black eyes, eyes like cat's. And photoosss...
(sorry for poor quality) :(

Dance in the city

Day before yesterday, I and my friends (from our dance group) were in the city. Well Lithuanian government organized a project: UNITED KAUNAS. We danced with umbrellas, and we shared a good mood with everyone. Day was cold and my hands just end up freezing with the umbrella. But I was fine! Day was really fun, and I didn't think about my cold hands. Later If I get more photos and video, I'll show it to you.

Today some photos from that cold day. We were in the cafe, late in restaurant. 

Graz, Austria

Made in Graz

So finally I got this photos from my friend. And I'm very sorry, because I know, I'm already late. This post had to be posted last month. But it's alright, because who was that was lost, so never mind. All photos were taken in Graz, Austria. I want to say some words about that day, about that city.

All day, what we have done, we had shopping. We visited all clothes stores in the city center. Starting from ZARA and ending with H&M. I can't not to mention cosmetics shops. 
City is wonderful. All old buildings, all -old-fashioned clocks. Everything was beautiful. I can confidently say, that all the view, and this city...If you see it just one time (that's enough), you won't forget it in the future.

Halloween party

So now time to see my photos from Halloween party, which was in my house on last Sunday. So party was great. Many friends came. We celebrated in my cellar (underground). First hours party was scary, later loud music and drinks changed uncomfortable atmosphere. So I was dead girl, who was hurt by her boyfriend. Well the truth is that I wanted to be dead Lady Gaga. But I didn't have a costume, so I decided to be a dead body. 
Photos is really scary, don't be afraid...

All Soul Day

Yesterday I, my sister and my friend Emily were in the shopping center. Later in the city.
All day I spent in the shopping center. We ate sushi and Japanese chicken in the Japanese restaurant, later we had shopping and I bought my new handheld (ZARA), which will tie in to my new coat (from H&M). So after that, we go out. We wanted to walk in the city. It was evening, it was dark. All the city was decorated with candles. By that I mean that all the way in the center was decorated by them. So I felt so relaxed at that time. Maybe, because, it was All Soul Day. In the city were many foreigners. But I don't know why? First time I saw so many foreigners in our city at the same time...
Ok, so now, time for PHOTOS!!!

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